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How to make girl laugh when shes sad

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10 Ways to Cheer Your Girl Up When She’s Down

We all go through rough patches, right? It's always tough when someone you love — your girlfriend — is having a difficult time. Maybe she's having a tough time at work, or maybe she's having problems with her friends or family. Whatever the reason, being a good boyfriend, you want to cheer her up, right? Here are the best 25 tips on how to you can cheer up your girl!

Maybe you work in different parts of town, or maybe even in a different part of the country. If you know your girl is having a bad time and you want to cheer her up, you need to make sure you reach out to her.

It may not be easy for her to talk, but you want to make sure she knows you're there for her. Shoot her a text. Your girl's going to have a lot on her mind. You're not going to be able to cheer her up without knowing what's going on. When she feels like opening up, make sure you take time to listen to what she has to say over text. This'll help you understand more about what's going on and how you can help cheer your girl up.

When you text your girl to find out about what's on her mind and to figure out ways you can cheer her up, make sure you ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions usually begin with words like "what," "how" or "why" and invite her to tell you more about what's going on. Closed questions are questions which require a "yes" or "no" answer; these won't help you figure out what's going on.

When you sympathize with someone, you're basically feeling sorry for them. That's ok, but what you want is to empathize with your girl. Empathy is about getting inside her head and feeling what she's feeling. How can you help cheer her up if you don't understand how she's feeling?

Make sure you're there when she needs you. If she texts you, reply as quickly as you can. There's no better way to show her that you love her and how much you care for her than just by being there. The more confident she is in your relationship, the more comfortable she'll be sharing her feelings over text with you.

You can't cheer your girl up unless you're there for her when she needs you. A post shared by arizona wedding photographer abbyqphoto on Sep 18, at pm PDT. I don't know about you, but I'm a problem-solver. If I find out my girl is having a hard time, I want to do whatever I can to fix the problem and cheer her up.

The thing is, maybe right now she just needs to talk over text. Maybe, all you need to do is listen and empathize at the moment. The best way to help cheer her up is to go at the pace she needs you to. Maybe now isn't the best time. You'll be able to cheer her up when she's ready. So, she doesn't reply to your message, or perhaps, she doesn't say very much. That's ok. Maybe she isn't able to talk right now. Perhaps she has a lot going on around her, or maybe she's just not in the right emotional place to talk.

Give her all the space she needs. When your girl has time, she'll reply to you by text. Make sure you don't interrupt her when she texts or reply and tell her how she is feeling. Doing that is something called "mansplaining," which is when a man talks over a woman or explains something to her in a patronizing way. This is something that'll do the opposite of cheer her up.

Offer your thoughts and advice, but don't tell her she's wrong or what to think. You can't cheer your girl up if she feels patronized or like she won't be heard. Now she's opening up over text, and she feels she can trust you. You're well on the way to cheering her up. Make sure you stay focused on her. If she's having a terrible day, don't start telling her about yours. Let her tell you everything about hers. The more she knows you're on her side, the more you'll be able to help her and cheer her up!

A post shared by benjamin benjaminpatch on Jan 1, at pm PST. Even though what's going on in your girl's life may be bad, try to stay positive. I don't mean you should tell her that everything's going to be great because it may not feel like that to her right now remember: empathize! Gently remind her over text that you'll get through this and that things will get better.

She may not believe you, but that's okay. She just needs to know that you believe it and that you'll be there for her. Now you've laid the groundwork, and you're almost ready to cheer her up. You've taken time to listen to her, ask questions, empathize and give her all the space she needs. Things may not be good for her yet, but you've shown her she can trust you and that you've got her back.

You've shown her the power of your relationship, and you've also seen how great texting to can be to help someone when they're not right there with you! Now it's time to start thinking about ways you can actively cheer her up. A great way to start is by telling her a joke. I can be goofy, silly or whatever you want. Maybe it's your favorite groan-worthy masterpiece. The key thing is to make her laugh. Give her a good giggle. We love capturing love stories.

Now it's time to get creative. A great way to cheer your girl up is to do something together. You can even do something as simple as watching a movie or show together. But if you're apart and the only way you can communicate is over text, it can be pretty hard to do that, right? What about making a date together and watching the movie at the same time?

While you watch it, you can text each other. This is a cute way of building that connection when you can't physically be together. There have been great leaps and advances in texting in recent years. Did you know you can even play games right inside the messaging app? What better way to distract her and cheer her up by challenging her to a game? There are all sorts of games you can play over text. I've tried darts, trivia games, and even pool! Help her take her mind off things and cheer her up!

This is the whole truth. It's the middle of the day. You know your girl is having a rough time. She's in a meeting and doesn't have time to reply. Why not send her an inspirational image you found online?

It'll show her you're thinking of her and is sure to cheer her up! Alternatively, you could send her a cute animated GIF. Another possibility is sending her a picture of a cute animal. Cute cats and puppy dogs are everywhere online, and they are sure to brighten anyone's day! Our hearts go out to the families and victims of the Las Vegas shooting It was truly a devastating event that will never be justified.

There's more to texting than words. Why not shoot a video telling your girl how much you love her? Send it to her and see what her reaction is! This is bound to cheer her up even on the worst of days. You can even record audio in messaging apps. Why not sing her a song? Even if you have a terrible voice like me! If you have friends around, maybe ask them to be your backing singers.

30 Cute Things You Can Do To Make The Woman You Love Smile

Whatever it may be, it is your responsibility to cheer her up. There are many things you can do to cheer your girl up. Talk to her.

No way! Love this keychain that says that — would make a great cheer up gift? There are many things you can do to cheer your girl up.

There will always be a couple of ruts that will come by without warning. One of the reasons why this happens is if one of the partners becomes moody, and starts bringing negative energy into the relationship. In this situation, it can feel like there is a Harry Potter Dementor sucking the fun out of your bond. Another reason this can be happening is when your relationship is going through a big change, such as a change in your living conditions, jobs or even a major life event.

Best 25 Tips On How To Cheer Up A Girl Over Text

When it comes to your relationship with your girlfriend, you want everything to be as enjoyable and positive as possible. When we see our significant others going through a hard time, it can be just as devastating for us. We want her to be happy. Be available, be understanding and above all, be supportive. How can I help? I know that things are tough right now, but that smile will return, brighter than ever. Would you like to tell me about it?

36 Tiny (But Effective) Ways To Make Your Girl Smile No Matter What

When your female friend or girlfriend is sad, your obvious instinct is to cheer her up, but finding the right way to go about it can be tricky. Much depends on the dynamic of your relationship and the reasons for her sadness. For instance, if you yourself are the reason she is down in the dumps, you may have a bit more work cut out for you. Regardless of the specific reason, if you are patient, understanding and a good listener, then you can be on your way to cheering her up in no time.

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What are the things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy? How can you make her feel special? Actually, you do not need a lot of words. For a lady, the main thing is to understand that all words are spoken from your heart, and she means a lot for you.

Things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy

Updated: March 5, Reader-Approved References. When your girlfriend is upset, there are two parts to comforting her. She will need to feel emotional support through the things you say.

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Past and current patterns, unrealistic expectations, and assumptions about your role in the lives of the people close to you may cause or worsen depression. A Secret Sadness offers a groundbreaking perspective on this phenomenon, as well as powerful tools you can use to explore this issue in your own life. Women experience depression at a higher rate than men, and researchers have recently uncovered evidence that suggests this may be due to the higher importance they place on their interpersonal relationships. Some of these researchers believe that women who struggle with relationships may be at higher risk for depression because their relationships are intertwined with their self-esteem and perceptions of personal success. This breakthrough book examines the often hidden relationship factors that make women depressed, the secret sadness that can last a lifetime. Using three detailed case studies from her own practice, author and psychologist Valerie Whiffen explains how interpersonal problems can contribute to feelings of depression.

How To Make Her Feel Special Through Text

Be the first to text! Tell her you miss her. Tell her you love her. People really underestimate how much of a difference this can make. Yahoo answers it.

Jul 13, - The best thing that points to a happy relationship is a girl's smile. It reveals Make her feel like she's the most valuable girl in the world. And that is the The Sad Truth Is, There Is A Ton Of Pain Hidden Behind Her Smile.

If you want to know how to make a woman feel truly happy, it's probably not as hard as you think. Unfortunately, many men still seem to struggle when it comes to knowing how to make a girl smile. But if you love a woman, you've simply got to find way to let her know what's going on in your mind and heart. So what better way could there possibly be than by making an effort to think of some cute things to do purely for the sake of making her smile whenever she thinks about you? We compiled this list of easy but super romantic ideas to help you guys out there show the woman in your life just how special she really is — which means you now have no excuses, gentlemen.

We all go through rough patches, right? It's always tough when someone you love — your girlfriend — is having a difficult time. Maybe she's having a tough time at work, or maybe she's having problems with her friends or family.






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