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When a guy likes me back i lose interest

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But then. Then the person gets too keen. Perhaps they suggest hanging out two nights in a row, reply to all your messages straight away or even - gasp! The horror. And of course, you then recoil, suddenly, inexplicably, totally not into them any more.

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Why Men Lose Interest And What To Do About It

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Want to know why guys lose interest so quickly early on in the relationship? The answer might surprise you…. It seems like these guys just lose interest after the chase. So my question is why do men lose interest so quickly? How can I keep a guy interested for longer than a few dates? This is such a common question. You might not even be that into him at first, but he pursues you with vigor.

When you finally start to have feelings for him, he loses interest and pulls away. What is going on here? Why do men who seemed really interested after the first few dates suddenly disappear on you?

There are a few different things going on here. The first thing to address is the thrill of the chase. Guys are programmed to love the chase. They get a rush any time a new woman finds them attractive, funny, smart, and irresistible. They do everything they can just to prove to themselves that they can get the girl. His fear of commitment kicks in and his first instinct is to run. So he moves onto the next conquest so he can get that ego boost again by pursuing someone new.

Guys who need the ego boost of a new conquest are insecure. They lose interest when a girl shows interest because on some level they feel unworthy. They need to go chase after another girl to feel worthy again. Guys who fit into this category are emotionally unavailable and were never interested in being in a relationship in the first place.

So how can you avoid these kinds of guys and attract more secure men with substance who are actually looking for relationships? If a guy feels like you are more invested in the relationship than he is, your perceived value goes down and he loses interest.

When he has to work for you, your perceived value goes up. If you have to do something, it means you are trying to push him into something. They want to come to a decision about a woman on their own. This will only make you seem needy and desperate. When a guy is really interested in you he will call you.

The best thing you can do is stay busy. Go out and have fun without him. Hang out with friends, have some me time, and enjoy life. But I just want to be clear about one thing here. If you think too far ahead into the future and get too serious too soon, it can scare him off.

Have fun and enjoy the moment. Guys take things one step at a time, while women are more likely to think into the future. You want to build up enough attraction in the early stages of the relationship so he feels strongly enough about you to commit to you on his own accord.

So how do you build the attraction? Guys fall in love based on how they feel around a woman. Be confident, playful, and self-assured. Have fun. Go with the flow. Make him feel good around you in the present moment so that he wants to spend his future with you. Be the best version of yourself. Make him work for you. If he loses interest and pulls away, let him. Keep it drama free.

Men do not feel unworthy of us,they feel entitled to us. Sorry but this article is crap. If a guy lays it on heavy in the beginning then after you finally reciprocate the interest he disappears then the guy is clearly playing games and is too immature for a relationship. I know this guy for about 3 months now, we know each other from dating site, we live in the same town. One day, I finally met him, we went to cinema, for the first time I was surprise because he looks different from his picture, he is not really my type.

Im getting confuse with that. I met a guy in social media and soon after we are becoming frnd. Always he used take overfreedom. He shown too much intrested at me. I think he was flirty.. Hi i have a boyfriend dat we dated for over 3yrs now, first time we met he told me dat he has a girlfrnd home that dey dated almost 7yrs , then we continue dating until we have a son, but he was communicating with de girl from home almost everyday, until now and we are staying together he is hiding our son to the girl, his parents dey sometimes come to visit me in our house , but my man he is still communicating with de girl, we dont have sex we cant even kiss but we sleep de same bed together, he is always chatting with de girl on my presence and he is always moody i love de guy i dnt even want to loose him , and wen i want to move out he doesent want even his mother she always say i should not go , so im confused gey, sometimes if i go out he will complain say i like to come back home late , honestly i dnt get wat is happening and now he has almost 5 yrs not seeing dat girl.

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Then after what feels like a super intense connection, and you feel like a relationship might be on the horizon, suddenly he cools WAY off. Suddenly, he gets harder and harder to get ahold of or goes dark entirely… leaving you to wonder why he lost interest in the first place. Now, there are as many reasons why anyone might pull away from a budding, new relationship as there are stars in the sky.

When a woman starts dating a man, she completely surrenders to her feeling. She likes everything in him — his appearance, manner of talking, and behaviour with her, and then feelings literally overshadow her eyes.

I am sure you have seen someone before who lost interest in a relationship few days after making sure that the other person loved him. This may seem very confusing especially when the person keeps doing his best in order to make his target fall in love with him up until few days before before the interest is lost. There is no single cause behind this phenomenon but the following points will tell you about many possible reasons that could make someone lose interest in a relationship as soon as he knows that the other person loves him:. By getting more self understanding you will be able to protect yourself from getting involved into such unhealthy relationships and you will rarely lose interest in a relationship that fast. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself.

Real Reasons Why Women Lose Interest in Men

I've had men lose interest in me and treat me poorly in the past, don't let it happen to you! Every relationship has that honeymoon period. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once the intense cuteness has faded, usually things have settled to the point you are comfortable and secure with one another. This does not mean your man no longer feels strongly about you; it's just another stage in your relationship. But when things seem to take a sour turn, who's to blame? Has he lost interest in you, or is it just a normal road bump you two have to work out? There are some clear indicators that your man is losing interest in you and is actively trying to break things off without directly saying it. Here are 17 clear signs that your man is losing interest in you rapidly and that he is looking to break things off. If your man in question was talking to you a lot, calling, texting, trying to make conversation, and wanting to see you, then suddenly slows down, you should be worried.

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It's possible there's nothing "wrong" at all: You like attention from guys but you're not going to hook up with just anyone. After a couple of dates you learn enough to know he's not for you, and you don't want to settle for second best or lead him on, so you lose interest. If that's the case, relax. Keep dating and the right guy will come along. There might, however, be a hidden agenda behind your rejection of guys and, ironically, the problem is exactly like a complaint girls often have about guys.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story, it provided some interesting insights.

I commend you for seeing the pattern and wanting to change it. Right now, you're used to having things your way and having total independence—but that is also why you're a loner. Learning to let go a little and allow someone else in is healthy and necessary for a fulfilling and strong relationship. Take a good look at how things historically devolve for you—my guess is that there's a common denominator.

The Number One Reason Men Suddenly Lose Interest

Girls, have you ever gone through a situation where you liked a guy and then lost interest in him In case this is confusing, example: You like a guy. He likes you back. You start to not like him for whatever reason.

Photo by Rawpixel. Most people love flirting and going on promising dates with a new person. But after the initial high of getting to know an attractive new person, some of us find ourselves feeling restless and bored. If this is you, you might identify as someone who likes "the chase" rather than a relationship. You may have even gathered that you're not cut out to settle down with anyone at all. It's totally normal for sparks to fade after the initial kindling.

This Is Why He Loses Interest As Soon As You Begin To Really Like Him

I always fantasize about "perfect scenarios" and things like that in my head. It makes me happy when I think of things like that. Girls take up a big portion of my mind and thoughts. I rarely don't think about a certain girl. Whenever I can't decide which girl to go after or I can't find anyone I like, I'm miserable because I can't dream up things. I have extremely high standards.

Oct 9, - Get that ball back in your home court! Why Men Suddenly Lose Interest After Dating You For Months (And How To Get Him Running Back For More) Notice, Although women are known to strive for a smaller figure or for longer legs, me How To Tell If A Guy Likes You - Explained By A Dating Coach.

It's old news that we want what we can't have. It's in our complex human nature to admire those who present themselves as unattainable. Because what that means to our emotionally complicated and ego-driven minds is that person is "too good. It's the plot to every romance film — one character is attracted to another character who appears to be out of their league. That's a dynamic we know well.

17 Signs Your Guy Is Losing Interest in You

Why did he lose interest when things seemed to be going so well? This question is all too common. This is how it all usually goes down. You meet a guy and feel the proverbial spark.

Why do I always lose interest once a guy likes me

Want to know why guys lose interest so quickly early on in the relationship? The answer might surprise you…. It seems like these guys just lose interest after the chase. So my question is why do men lose interest so quickly?

I start out completely smitten.


Why We Lose Interest In People Who Show Too Much Interest In Us


Why do I lose interest with someone likes me back?


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