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What do i get my muslim friend for christmas

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First and foremost, Christmas is not an Islamic holiday and every single Muslim has the right to choose whether they would like to celebrate it or not. It is a debated issue within our Islamic community and scholars, even within the same schools of thought, differ on this subject. If you do not see any harm or it contributes to your spiritual path, then celebrate. It is completely your choice. However, as Muslims, we must always have good and kind manners. We cannot become ugly and vindictive, Grinch-y if you will , because our neighbors usually get the day off on their holidays and we have to use vacation days for ours.

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What To Get My Muslim Friends For Secret Santa

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Of course, we all love to indulge in the magic of the holiday season. What about that? With our curiosity piqued, we took a page out of our standard Muslim Girl handbook. We posed the question to our avid readers for some lively and boy, do we mean lively debate and discussion. The answers we got were, as always, varied and hotly debated. Scholars are notoriously split on the topic, with scholars such as Dr. Zakir Naik did come out and state that he does not maintain an official Twitter account.

Other scholars, such as Dr. Surely Allah takes account of all things. Zulkifli told a local paper when contacted. Zulkifli claimed that it was important to live in harmony with people of other religions as long as we were creating more awareness on the matter so as to dispel any confusion. Some felt that if there was so much confusion on the matter, that we should just avoid the idea of wishing non-Muslims all-together. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. When my mother decided she was going to become Roman Catholic, I was no longer allowed to practice Islam.

After a while, I decided to revert back and practice again. My personal experience has been that they wish me a happy Ramadan and a happy Eid. They ask me how my fast is going. As a Muslim living in the West, I have to respect the culture that is here. My friends have always been respectful of my beliefs. For instance, when it came to going out to eat, they made sure I had a halal option before going.

In addition to this, one Ramadan, my friend baked me cookies to break my fast with. This is the same friend whose Mom always tried to make sure there was no gelatin in something before I ate it.

There will always be those that choose not to respect the religion of Islam. However, we must be the bigger people in those situations and choose to respect the religions and beliefs of others.

I wish to be treated with the same respect. Instead of isolating us, it opens us up to mutual understanding and often leads to positive questions.

It kills dead the lies and manipulation that appear in social media. We are not participating in the feast. Nor are we inviting our enemies to our table. Instead, we are building a bridge towards understanding rather than a road-block to isolation.

May Allah always guide us. I am guided in this by Surah Al Kafirun I believe that word choice is everything when approaching this topic. However, as a Muslim, and with my background in psychology and learnings about multicultural instruction, I understand the impact of the choice of words.

Nothing in Islam encourages us to take part in their celebration. You can be kind without doing what they do.

I will always politely accept it as a greeting, acknowledge that a person saying it to me is hopefully doing so for a positive reason to spread joy, kindness, and inclusion. This is a sentiment which is actually quite beautiful. Allah does NOT resemble His creation in any form that one can imagine. This is a serious action and I am NOT willing to ascribe to this practice or belief.

Jesus is an honorable Prophet. That we acknowledge and love just as we do all Prophets. And for those who believe that the institution of Christmas comes from paganism, you must then acknowledge, and not overlook, the activities that go against the beliefs and practices of Islam: the indulgence of alcohol beer and wine , in a drunken state that in many ways would remind the person of the practices of Mardi Gras.

There are additional practices that are deeply troubling and do NOT align with the teaching and beliefs of Islam, as it relates to pagan indoctrinations with their actions and references.

The idea of willingly participating in the celebration of the holiday is troubling to me. It does not sit well with me. I ask forgiveness and remind myself of the seriousness of my actions. I do believe that as a Muslim, I can and should be kind to non-Muslims, but I do not believe that means that I need to compromise our beliefs in doing so.

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Of course, we all love to indulge in the magic of the holiday season. What about that? With our curiosity piqued, we took a page out of our standard Muslim Girl handbook. We posed the question to our avid readers for some lively and boy, do we mean lively debate and discussion.

I wouldn't give a Muslim friend a Christmas present. I would definitely give a gift if that's what was in my heart to do, but I wouldn't call it that.

Great gift or a treat for yourself! Good value. Will lift you up and cause you to walk closer to Jesus! Read full review. This was a really great read.

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My parents had both immigrated from Egypt in the s, where, I should note, Christmas is very much a thing, except Egyptians celebrate it on Jan. But in raising their American kids, they were deathly afraid that they would fail to pass down their own Muslim traditions. They went all out. They enrolled us in an Islamic school where we had days off for the Islamic holidays, too. They enrolled me in Islamic karate classes. And when Christmas time rolled around, they taught me to make the most of my days off by doing absolutely anything except celebrate the reason for them. It turned into a kind of game. When we strung lights in the house, back when Ramadan and Eid were around Christmastime, we avoided the green and red combo.

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Posted by The Mindset on August 27, In the same manner in my home we celebrate Christmas because it too has become an American Holiday. Most of the Carols we sing, the stories we tell, the decorations we hang, and the Christmas films we watch are particularly American. My two boys, ages 26 and 31, have been celebrating Christmas their entire lives without once associating the festive holiday with the name Jesus Christ.

Christmas is around the corner and I do not know what to do about my non-Muslim mother. I do not want her to be alone on this occasion, as she does not have her family with her and she invited my brother and me over to spend this day with her.

My neighbour is an American Christian, and she and her family brought me a gift when it was Christmas. I could not refuse the gift, lest she be offended. Can I accept this gift, as the Messenger peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him accepted gifts from kaafirs?.

Accepting a gift from a kaafir on the day of his festival

While at an invitation dinner I met a man who invited me to come to a certain Islamic center to give a lecture on what Muslims have to offer Christians. The event took place just before the Christian holidays, and he hoped that I might make an effort to find common ground. As I thought about the abundance of the Christmas season, I began to smile. I thought that I did well to separate myself from a practice that I could not rightly afford!

If you are not familiar with the Islamic way of life, picking gifts for a Muslim girl can be difficult as you do not want to inadvertently offend her. The BP Guide helps you understand the dos and don'ts of buying gifts for Muslim girls, the occasions on which to give a gift and lists 12 great gift ideas too. What is the occasion for which you are giving her a gift? The kind of present you buy will be determined by whether it is her birthday, or a more formal event like an engagement or wedding. Gifts given for Eid will also be entirely different.

In Islam, the gift of feeding others is a spiritual act


As I thought about the abundance of the Christmas season, I began to smile. What better gift can a Muslim give to a Christian than the bounties God Himself has chosen This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.”.








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