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Natsu gets a girl pregnant fanfiction

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Here is the follow up a few people wanted to see! Sorry it took so long. I finished it then planned to edit and post but suddenly it was finals and it got pushed back to now. I'm woman enough to say As always sorry for any typos or errors in grammar and format! Read Comment and Enjoy!

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Protecting You [NaLu Fanfic] Chapter 1

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Here is the follow up a few people wanted to see! Sorry it took so long. I finished it then planned to edit and post but suddenly it was finals and it got pushed back to now. I'm woman enough to say As always sorry for any typos or errors in grammar and format! Read Comment and Enjoy! Also, unless you have an idea this will be the final chapter :. Natsu and Lucy sat joyously at the counter chatting with Mira and Happy as the rest of their friends watched on from a table.

Gray was looking at Lucy intently. Juvia looked up from her seat next to him. She smirked slightly. I must keep in shape physically so I can fight and defend my family. Then I'll be bigger than Reedus. Juvia puckered her lips and blew out her cheeks within seconds was two times her size to everyone's horror.

Gray stared at her, blinked a few times before looking back to the group. When I'm married for over a year, I'm gonna be ten times the size I am now. They all looked to Natsu and Lucy. Lucy sat on one of the stools as Natsu stood before her holding Happy in his arms like a baby as Happy pouted.

The couple was laughing loudly and happily. They all looked back to the couple. Lucy was red and covering her face as Natsu shook his butt back and forth. Lucy laughed as he guided her out of the Guild House with Happy flying above them. I just want our baby happy and healthy. All of us together. We just had some things we needed to pay for like rent and stuff for the up and coming.

You wanna come? Get smashed? But another month later everything was not fine. Lucy was even larger, now almost at the end of the first trimester, and crankier than ever. The largeness wasn't her fault; she did have a baby in her and whatever extra eating she may do was thanks to the fact that the kid was a Dragneel and ate like it's father. What is she has some sickness we don't know about? As a side effect of her pregnancy, she was irrationally emotional even more than usual, tending to settle on angry or crying and sometimes both at the same time.

She also had a new taste for hot and spicy food. I can't believe this! Do you think I'm getting fat? One sixteen pieces spicy buffalo wing platter, four turkey legs, half of a ham, two salads, and eight drinks! I'm starving! I love you. You're right. Here have these wings. She got halfway before she turned around and noticed no one following. They all moved quickly to catch up to Natsu and Lucy on their way to Lucy's favorite spot, the garden.

The team from the table walked into the garden to find Lucy sitting inside Horologium the giant clock while she cried and ate her wings. Natsu was on the outside trying to talk her back out. Go Gray. Gray shot them all daggers then turned back to the couple. Horologium's door opened as Lucy grabbed Happy and pulled him inside. The door closed as she began on the wings while she forced Happy to cuddle with her.

I'm kinda busy talking down Lucy. Horologium then went back to the spirit world, not looking forward to a pissed off Lucy. Everyone blinked at the fact that they didn't know she was pregnant and that they just called her fat. Why are you asking? Is your pregnancy brain so bad that you forgot? Makorav shook his head. Do you not remember me saying that we would be getting a new member? Gajeel smirked and walked out from the back of the group.

Pay up, losers. The Table of Idiots grumbled while digging into their pockets and pulling out money to put in Gajeel hand. I won. He handed the money out to the couple. This much should be about jewels.

Bunny Girl has an entirely different scent now. Lucy looked to her other friends only to remember that they had just called her, pregnant women, fat. And Lucy hunted them each down one by one and said the only atonement was to either help with the baby or with the pregnancy and even those who didn't bet suffered from being guilty by association.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. NaLu fanfic. Anniversary fluffy cuteness. Also, unless you have an idea this will be the final chapter : Natsu and Lucy sat joyously at the counter chatting with Mira and Happy as the rest of their friends watched on from a table.

There was no way she was pregnant. A month later and they were in the same situation. The group all looked at the pair again. The gamblers sat at the table for dinner together as Lucy and Natsu sat again at the bar eating. Gray sighed. Lucy took the wings and stormed out of the guild house still crying.

The table looked back to each other in shock and slight terror. Freeze," Cana spat. Natsu's face paled at the team as steam arose from Horologium. I'm using my skills to my advantage," Gajeel smirked. Lucy threw herself at Gajeel and hugged him. Lucy kicked Gray to the Magnolia Mountains. Chapter 1 Five Years and- 2. Chapter 2 Fat or Pregnant. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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nalu pregnancy

Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own Fairy Tail, and I do not make any money from the writing of fanfiction. I just do it for fun, and because all the other jobs where you can torture people and control their lives are illegal. He came back to himself slowly, nuzzling her neck as he gave a contented sigh.

Erza cooed at the small girl and began to rock back and forth, hoping to comfort the girl as she hummed a broken tune. Natsu winced and she shot him a glare, silencing him.

Lucy looked down to where she had her hand on her stomach then smiled towards the mage. Juvia nodded but knew something was wrong. She stood up and headed towards the bar where a scarlet haired beauty and a whit haired mage stood. She's worrying me She started to walk towards her when the door to the guild slammed open.

The next second a loud cry sounded out throughout the guild that was then followed by a deep growl that caused a few members that were closer to take a step back. Daddy's here and he's really sorry that his friends were so loud, but don't worry Akari it won't happen again will it? So for the next five minutes the guild watched as Natsu calmed the girl down to where she was no longer cry, but was now sucking on his scarf and looking around fascinated by everything that she could see. So I am going to start with Mira's question, and Mira I have only had her for a little over a week. I only met her like nine days ago. While Akari on the other hand only giggled, this caused most of the women to aww at how cute it was. It's going to be something like daddy or dragon since you're daddy's little dragon. Who happens to look at least five months old. Everyone was completely shocked by Erza attacking him and by Natsu being able to stop it with a single hand that was now only starting to bleed. That could have hurt Akari which is an unforgivable mistake that no one should ever do while I am still breathing.

What's wrong? Did someone eat the last cupcake in the guild hall? Happy and Natsu exchanged a look. White wings appeared on the blue cat's back and he floated up around Lucy's head as Natsu slid in close, arms crossed over his chest.

Giving birth and raising a child is a new adventure that Natsu and Lucy must overcome.

Lucy yawned as she sat at her desk, so tempted to go to sleep. Although Natsu had urged her not to wait up, Lucy wanted to anyways. Happy was already sleeping.

They got me in the mood to write the next chapter in this story and get it posted quickly, so I hope you enjoy. Natsu's voice cared through-out the guild clearly, as if to make sure everyone heard it and there was no misunderstanding of its words. The rest of the guild went quiet in absolute shock.

Funny story behind this one; my weekend has been filled with kids which are very exhausting ohmygosh I'm still recovering and then this came out of nowhere. For all my ultraviolence lovelies, new chapter will be up either on the 23rd or 24th. If you're having withdrawals ha ha , go ahead and read darling, the stars don't fall for you. It is written in the same style as ultraviolence and deals with all that is bachana Cana-centric because ohmygod, if I was a FT character, I would be her and she is bae. Same goes for the Two Pieces gang!

Cana Alberona is staring at her pregnancy test in shock, it has been a month and a half since the Tenrou Group had returned from their seven year hibernation. During the party that followed Cana had decided to make up for seven years worth of drinking, this led to her becoming quite inebriated. When she woke up the following day, she found herself in the same bed as Natsu Dragneel, it was clear by the fact that they were both naked that they had sex during the night. Cana and Natsu both vowed not to mention this, Cana because of how embarrassing it would be if the Guild found out she and Natsu had sex, Natsu because of how afraid he was of Gildarts' reaction that he had violated his precious 'baby girl'. This had led to the two of them being awkward around each other, which the Guild had picked up on all of them wondering what had happened between the pair. However when Cana had missed her period she began panicking, so she decided to take a pregnancy test in the hope it would be negative, however it was positive. This leaves Cana with a dilemma, she could either; get rid of the baby meaning her problems would go away, or she could keep it and raise it as a single mother since she doubted Natsu would help as he's to much of a free spirit to be tied down like that, and even if he did he'd likely be a hindrance. Sighing Cana decides she needs some advice.

Sep 5, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - [Natsu D., Levy M., Lisanna S.] Mirajane S. - Chapters: 3 breaking, but it's beginning to get boring for some of the members, especially for a certain bar maid. Neither Fairy beauties could see the blue haired girl. "I'm pregnant with your baby Natsu-san.

Hey guys! FlareDragon here with this small one-shot! This came at the top of my head, so I decided to just write it.







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