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A couple of months ago, actor Emma Watson was in the news for re-phrasing the experience of singledom as being self-partnered. Watson presumably wanted to give a positive spin to the many insinuations that surround single women from their late 20s onwards. Single by Choice: Happily Unmarried Women! They are writers, scientists, journalists, lawyers, academicians and entrepreneurs who bring a range of issues, perspectives and experiences that accompany the lives of single women in India. It is a disarming book, simply written without ever being simplistic in its musings and reflections.

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She is known for reinventing herself throughout her career and for her versatility in numerous areas of the entertainment industry. Gaga began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays.

She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album, the electropop record The Fame , and its singles " Just Dance ", " Poker Face " and " Paparazzi ".

Gaga's second full-length album, Born This Way , explored electronic rock and techno-pop and debuted atop the US Billboard with more than one million copies sold. Its title track became the fastest-selling song on the iTunes Store with over a million downloads in less than a week.

Other successful singles on the album included " The Edge of Glory " and " Judas ". Gaga experimented with EDM on her third studio album, Artpop , which included the single " Applause ". Her collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennett , Cheek to Cheek , and her soft rock -influenced fifth studio album, Joanne , continued to top the US charts. During this period, Gaga ventured into acting, playing leading roles in the miniseries American Horror Story: Hotel — , for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress , and the critically acclaimed musical drama film A Star Is Born She also contributed to the latter's soundtrack , which yielded the chart-topping single " Shallow ", and made her the first woman to win an Academy , Grammy , BAFTA and Golden Globe Award in one year.

Having sold million records as of , Gaga is one of the world's best-selling music artists and the fourth highest-earning female musician of the s. She has been declared Billboard ' s Artist of the Year and Woman of the Year , and included among Forbes ' s power and earnings rankings.

She was ranked number four on VH1 's Greatest Women in Music in and second on Time ' s readers' poll of the most influential people of the past ten years. She is known for her philanthropy and social activism, including her work related to mental health awareness and LGBT rights.

Gaga founded her nonprofit organization, the Born This Way Foundation , which focuses on empowering youth, improving mental health and preventing bullying. Both of her parents have Italian ancestry, and she also has more distant French-Canadian roots. She considered herself a misfit and was mocked for "being either too provocative or too eccentric". Germanotta began playing the piano at age four when her mother insisted she become "a cultured young woman".

She took piano lessons and practiced through her childhood. The lessons taught her to create music by ear, which she preferred over reading sheet music.

Her parents encouraged her to pursue music, and enrolled her in Creative Arts Camp. I don't know exactly where my affinity for music comes from, but it is the thing that comes easiest to me. When I was like three years old, I may have been even younger, my mom always tells this really embarrassing story of me propping myself up and playing the keys like this because I was too young and short to get all the way up there.

Just go like this on the low end of the piano I was really, really good at piano, so my first instincts were to work so hard at practicing piano, and I might not have been a natural dancer, but I am a natural musician. That is the thing that I believe I am the greatest at. She studied music there, and improved her songwriting skills by writing essays on art, religion, social issues and politics, including a thesis on pop artists Spencer Tunick and Damien Hirst.

In a interview, Gaga said she had been raped at age 19, for which she later underwent mental and physical therapy. Their live performance art piece, known as "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue" and billed as "The Ultimate Pop Burlesque Rockshow", was a tribute to s variety acts.

Having initially focused on avant-garde electronic dance music , Gaga began to incorporate pop melodies and the glam rock style of David Bowie and Queen into her songs. While Gaga and Starlight were performing, Fusari continued to develop the songs he had created with her, sending them to the producer and record executive Vincent Herbert.

In late , Gaga met with songwriter and producer RedOne. By , Gaga had relocated to Los Angeles to work extensively with her record label to complete her debut album, The Fame , and to set up her own creative team called the Haus of Gaga , modeled on Andy Warhol 's Factory.

During this era, Gaga ventured into business, collaborating with consumer electronics company Monster Cable Products to create in-ear, jewel-encrusted headphones called Heartbeats by Lady Gaga.

In February , Gaga released " Born This Way ", the lead single from her studio album of the same name. The song sold more than one million copies within five days, earning the Guinness World Record for the fastest selling single on iTunes. Born This Way was released on May 23, , [95] and debuted atop the Billboard with first-week sales of 1.

Gaga began work on her third studio album, Artpop , in early , during the Born This Way Ball tour; she crafted the album to mirror "a night at the club". Kelly and was released later that month, [] topping the charts in Hungary and reaching number 13 in the US.

The inspiration behind the album came from her friendship with Bennett, and fascination with jazz music since her childhood. In February , Gaga became engaged to Taylor Kinney.

According to Billboard , this shift started with the release of Cheek to Cheek and the attention she received for her performance at the 87th Academy Awards , where she sang a medley of songs from The Sound of Music in a tribute to Julie Andrews. Gaga had spent much of her early life wanting to be an actress, and achieved her goal when she starred in American Horror Story: Hotel.

In , Gaga sang the US national anthem in February at Super Bowl 50 , [] partnered with Intel and Nile Rodgers for a tribute performance to the late David Bowie at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards , [] and sang "Til It Happens to You" at the 88th Academy Awards , where she was introduced by Joe Biden and was accompanied on-stage by 50 people who had suffered from sexual assault. Gaga played a witch named Scathach in American Horror Story: Roanoke , the series' sixth season, [] which ran from September to November Her performance featured a group of hundreds of lighted drones forming various shapes in the sky above Houston's NRG Stadium —the first time robotic aircraft appeared in a Super Bowl program.

The film follows Ally's relationship with singer Jackson Maine played by Cooper , which becomes strained after her career begins to overshadow his. Gaga and Cooper co-wrote and produced most of the songs on the soundtrack for A Star Is Born , which she insisted they perform live in the film. In October, Gaga announced her engagement to talent agent Christian Carino whom she had met in early Consisting of 40 products, including liquid eyeliners, lip glosses and face mask sticker, it reached number-one on Amazon's list of best-selling lipsticks.

Gaga is next committed to portray Patrizia Reggiani , who was convicted of hiring a hitman to murder her ex-husband and former head of the Gucci fashion house Maurizio Gucci , in an upcoming film directed by Ridley Scott. Gaga was inspired by her mother to be interested in fashion, which she now says is a major influence and integrated with her music. Gaga has called the Indian alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra a "true inspiration", [] and has also quoted Indian leader Osho 's book Creativity on Twitter.

Gaga says she was influenced by Osho's work in valuing rebellion through creativity and equality. Critics have analyzed and scrutinized Gaga's musical and performance style, as she has experimented with new ideas and images throughout her career.

She says the continual reinvention is "liberating" herself, which she has been drawn to since childhood. Almost never does she overwhelm a song with her vocal ability, recognizing instead that artistry is to be found in nuance rather than lung power.

Gaga's songs have been called "depthless" by writer Camille Paglia in The Sunday Times , [] but according to Evan Sawdey of PopMatters , she "does manage to get you moving and grooving at an almost effortless pace". Gaga's songs have covered a wide variety of concepts; The Fame discusses the lust for stardom, while the follow-up The Fame Monster expresses fame's dark side through monster metaphors.

The Fame is an electropop and dance-pop album that has influences of s pop and s Europop , [] whereas The Fame Monster displays Gaga's taste for pastiche, drawing on "Seventies arena glam, perky ABBA disco , and sugary throwbacks like Stacey Q ". The themes in Artpop revolve around Gaga's personal views of fame, love, sex, feminism , self-empowerment, overcoming addiction, and reactions to media scrutiny.

They sound like songs written by artists who, quite frankly, are supremely messed up but hit to the core of the listener. Featuring constant costume changes and provocative visuals, Gaga's music videos are often described as short films. The main themes of her music videos are sex, violence, and power. She calls herself "a little bit of a feminist" and asserts that she is "sexually empowering women".

Gaga has called herself a perfectionist when it comes to her elaborate shows. Schiller noted how, following the Artpop era, Gaga's stripped-down approach to music was reflected in the clips for the singles from Joanne , taking the example of the music video of lead single "Perfect Illusion" where the singer "[ditched] the elaborate outfits for shorts and a tee-shirt as she performed the song at a desert party". It continued with her performances in the film as well as her stage persona.

Public reception of Gaga's music, fashion sense, and persona is polarized. Because of her influence on modern culture, and her rise to global fame, sociologist Mathieu Deflem of the University of South Carolina has offered a course titled "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame" since early with the objective of unraveling "some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga".

Responding to a question on this issue, she expressed her fondness for androgyny. Gaga's outlandish fashion sense has also served as an important aspect of her character. Time placed Gaga on their All-Time Fashion Icons List, stating: "Lady Gaga is just as notorious for her outrageous style as she is for her pop hits Gaga's fans call her "Mother Monster", and she often refers to them as "Little Monsters", a phrase which she had tattooed on herself in dedication.

After declining an invitation to appear on the single " We Are the World 25 " because of rehearsals for her tour to benefit victims of the Haiti earthquake , Gaga donated the proceeds of her January Radio City Music Hall concert to the country's reconstruction relief fund. In , Gaga joined the campaign group Artists Against Fracking. In April , Gaga joined Vice President Joe Biden at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to support Biden's It's On Us campaign as he traveled to colleges on behalf of the organization, which has seen , students from more than colleges sign a pledge of solidarity and activism.

It takes its name from her single and album. In October , at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Gaga joined high school students, policy makers, and academic officials, including Peter Salovey , to discuss ways to recognize and channel emotions for positive outcomes. On the World Kindness Day , Gaga partnered with the foundation to bring food and relief to a Red Cross shelter for people who have been forced to evacuate homes due to the California wildfires.

The foundation also partnered with Starbucks and SoulCycle to thank California firefighters for their relief work during the crisis. The singer had to previously evacuate her own home during the Woolsey Fire which spread through parts of Malibu. In March , she penned a letter to supporters of the Born This Way Foundation, announcing the launch of a new pilot program for a teen mental health first aid project with the National Council for Behavioral Health.

It saved my life, and it will save theirs. Following this event, The Advocate named her a "fierce advocate" for gays and lesbians. She criticized the poor state of gay rights in many European countries and described gay people as "revolutionaries of love".

In June , during a vigil held in Los Angeles for victims of the attack at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Gaga read aloud the names of the 49 people killed in the attack, and gave a speech.

Gaga was one of the many celebrities to call him out and spread the WontBeErased campaign to her 77 million Twitter followers. Gaga was named the " Queen of Pop " in a ranking by Rolling Stone based on record sales and social media metrics , and she ranked fourth in VH1 's Greatest Women in Music in Gaga has been often regarded as a trailblazer for sometimes utilizing controversy to bring attention to various issues.

According to Kelefa Sanneh of The New Yorker , "Lady Gaga blazed a trail for truculent pop stars by treating her own celebrity as an evolving art project.

A new genus of ferns , Gaga , and three species, G. The name monstraparva alluded to Gaga's fans, known as "little monsters", since their symbol is the outstretched "monster claw" hand, which resembles a tightly rolled young fern leaf prior to unfurling. Gaga is one of the best-selling music artists with estimated sales of million records as of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American singer, songwriter, and actress. Singer songwriter actress record producer businesswoman. Pop dance electronic. Vocals piano.

Single woman

Surveys distributed by UN Women in Asia and the Pacific are showing that women and men are experiencing the effects of the pandemic differently. From farming to first-response services and everything in between, women are playing an outsized role in keeping their communities safe and resilient in the face of COVID Here are the stories of women on the front lines. This year, learn how COVID is impacting caregivers, and make their extraordinary contribution visible. The UN Women-supported HerStory is working to monitor media, gather stories of the gender impact of the pandemic, and track occurrences of misinformation and harmful gender stereotyping.

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40 Best Single Mom Quotes for the Strongest Women In Your Life

In December , the government conscripted single women aged as auxiliaries to the Armed Forces, Civil Defence, or war industries. Propaganda leaflets urged women to participate in the war effort. The level of employment could have been higher as domestic servants were excluded from these figures. Many domestic servants would have been redeployed to national service, but no exact figures exist. During WWII women worked in factories producing munitions, building ships, aeroplanes, in the auxiliary services as air-raid wardens, fire officers and evacuation officers, as drivers of fire engines, trains and trams, as conductors and as nurses. During this period some trade unions serving traditionally male occupations like engineering began to admit women members. The entry of women into occupations which were regarded as highly skilled and as male preserves, for example as drivers of fire engines, trains and trams and in the engineering, metal and shipbuilding industries, renewed debates about equal pay. Create a short performance, which depicts the 'life of a young woman entering the world of work' for the first time during WWII. You can create a monologue meaning you perform the piece on your own or you can perform with others smaller groups are better. Women workers resorted to aggitating on a local level to fight for equal pay, often without the support of their unions.

World War II: 1939-1945

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We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements. A gender equal world can be healthier, wealthier and more harmonious - so what's not great about that? The race is on for the gender equal boardroom, a gender equal government, gender equal media coverage, gender equal workplaces, gender equal sports coverage, more gender equality in health and wealth Let's be EachforEqual.

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She is known for reinventing herself throughout her career and for her versatility in numerous areas of the entertainment industry. Gaga began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays. She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album, the electropop record The Fame , and its singles " Just Dance ", " Poker Face " and " Paparazzi ". Gaga's second full-length album, Born This Way , explored electronic rock and techno-pop and debuted atop the US Billboard with more than one million copies sold.

Single woman - and images. Photos single woman. Illustrations single woman. Girl student portrait set. Chef mom. Business woman.

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There's no doubt it takes an unbelievable amount of strength and courage to raise kids on your own. Here, we're paying homage to the women of the world who do exactly that by sharing our favorite single mom quotes and sayings about single motherhood. These inspiring words from celebrities, activists, politicians, and musicians will remind all of the solo mothers that they aren't alone— and that they are, by definition, basically superhuman. Whether you need a Mother's Day quote or otherwise motivational motherhood quote for a sweet card or simply are hoping to inspire yourself in which case, we'd say to look to Diane Keaton: "The loves of my life are my children and my mother. I don't feel as if I need a man" , there's something here for everyone.

Dec 21, - Download this free picture about Couple Photos Marriage Single from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos.


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