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Meet girlfriend or boyfriend > 18 years > I found out my girlfriend is cheating on me

I found out my girlfriend is cheating on me

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The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. What we do know is that he is really, really good at dating. I had a tough conversation recently. My girlfriend admitted she cheated on me one time with an old friend of hers a few months ago. I broke things off immediately, but we kept on talking about it and the whole time she's been asking me to take her back and give things another shot. She's adamant she'll never do it again, but I don't know what to believe.

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Just found out my girlfriend is cheating on me

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Just found out my girlfriend is cheating on me. Thread starter kittoo Start date Oct 12, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Apr 11, 2, 1, Just needed to vent GAF. Its 2AM here and dont know who to talk to. We've been together for about 1. We met through a dating app and have been very steady or at least I thought so. We were talking of getting married. She met my family many times. She got her family to meet me, specifically for marriage purposes. The thing is, the week I met her parents, she was meeting someone else. She didnt know but the guy was a Facebook friend of my sister's. Somehow this guy sees pictures of my sister with my gf on FB and just asked my sister how my sister knew my gf and that he was dating her.

My sister feigned that she was only a friend of a friend of my gf and asked the guy more details as part of her conversation. The guy told that they met on the same dating app on which me and my gf met. They've been dating for a couple of months and have met a few times. Didnt say anything about physical relations. That my gf told him that she is single. The guy is sure my gf likes him and that things will progress slowly and then they might think of getting married. I am devastated.

We were about to get married, I thought! I just met her family 2 weeks back! I am thinking of confronting her face to face tomorrow. The thing is, I would think of ignoring the guy saying they both like each other etc.

But why the hell is she on the dating app still and meeting guys when we were clearly in an exclusive committed relationship? I even saw the app once on her phone a few months back and when asked she said she made some friends on it before meeting me and she still talks to them on it.

I thought that was OK. I've been so trusting. I dont like doubting my partners. I never asked where she was, what she was doing, who she was with, what her plans were or anything at all. She used to say she really liked this about me- the complete trust. Now I feel betrayed and devastated. Nothing to do other than wait for tomorrow. Just wanted vent. Thanks for listening GAF. Update 1- Went over to her place. Asked her calmly as to who is DK the other guy. She says she knows him.

I asked her how they met she said the dating app. On asking when she said either a little before she met me or after, she wasnt sure. She said they met twice. Once in the beginning once a couple months back when they were in the same mall and he kept asking her to meet. She showed me the chats on Whatsapp and Fb the first thing I checked was the app, she doesnt have it anymore. It was mostly him msging her frequently and she ignoring him, though it didnt seem antagonistic from her side either.

Her side of the story was that they met long back and she didnt like him but the guy kept pestering her about meeting and dating and taking things to the next level etc. Post that they only met once a couple of months back. She then called the guy and kept me on speaker. It went something like this- Her: "Hi. Did you have chat with a friend of mine? Wait I will call you back. Doesnt call back. So she kept calling him. After times he picks up again. Him:"You've never called me before and now suddenly so many calls.

What happened? What else should I call it? Ok wait. Then we disconnected. After a while my sister messages me that now he is asking her why she told my gf about him claiming to date her etc. My sister tells me to call him once again and clarify everything he said, like my gf saying she is single and flirting with him etc. So we called again. Again he doesnt pick for a while but then does. So why did you tell my friend that I was flirting with you?

Thats it. Nothing else. There was no point. The guy wasnt going to accept he lied about anything. So looks like the guy was lying. We still did have a chat about her keeping the dating app in her phone after we met, and she gave the same explanation that she used to talk to a couple of guys who had become her friends over there.

Nevertheless she agreed it looks wrong and that she had deleted the app long back and had no plans of doing any such thing. At that particular time I didnt have any reason to think she was lying, until unless she is such a master liar that somehow managed the whole situation to her benefit, despite me showing up suddenly and giving her no chance of even touching her phone before this went down. The app wasnt there. The chats were clean. The guy was called and situation clarified.

Looked like things were OK. Then, we banged. Update 2- She called me in the evening again and was sounding really upset. So I asked and she said she was upset because I didnt trust her, looked at her phone I did see her phone to see if the app was still there, in front of her only. It was unlocked and I was just so angry and frustrated I couldnt help myself and that she had never explained herself to anyone before, so calling another guy just to clear things with me was a big deal and she was feeling bad that I turned out to be a guy who doubted her.

She says that I shouldve asked her and nothing else. So basically I have two choices forever, whenever I have even a little bit of doubt- 1. Dont do anything. Ask her and believe her story. Kinda made me feel very bad for a while.

Cheating Girlfriend! She Cheated On Me But I Still Love Her. What To Do?

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Sometimes a break up is amicable… and then sometimes the whole relationship gets shot down in an explosive ball of flames. Like when cheating partners are involved.

Then cried every day for about 18 months. Got up and sped home to punch a hole in my bedroom wall. I was fairly upset. She was texting and calling for a couple of days before I told her what I found. I cried a lot and got pretty angry.

If She Cheats, Must You Let Her Go?

Remember when it emerged that The Vamps singer James McVey found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him after some of his fans discovered a picture of his girlfriend kissing another guy on Instagram? Yeah, that was awkward. I held my cool until we left, I wasn't giving either of them the satisfaction of seeing me look like the crazy person or ruining someone's big day. Sitting next to my GF and she wants to show me something she has planned for the trip so gets out her phone. It opens to the Messages and shows a chat with a guy I know him saying how much she is gonna miss him and how she doesn't wanna go away with me anyway. Turns out he was just selfish. Either my wife didn't take a piss for 20 hours straight or there had been another man in my house. I also knew that said friend was trying to sell his house, so I called the real estate agent and asked the see his place. Right inside the front door, i recognized one of her jackets hanging in the mud room. Proceeded to the living room and bam

Is My Girlfriend Cheating? 6 Mistakes to Avoid if You Think She is

Infidelity is difficult to handle. If you found out your girlfriend is cheating, you're likely finding it difficult to trust her again and move forward. In order to cope, you need to evaluate if the relationship is worth saving, communicate openly with your girlfriend about expectations going forward, and seek emotional support both from friends and professional therapists. Handling a cheating girlfriend can be challenging, but try to give yourself some time and space away from her so you can process your feelings.

But things are not as simple as that in your head. You have all these thoughts in your head, all these feelings in your chest, all these emotions in your heart.

If you have ever uncovered the painful truth that the person you feel you love is cheating on you, you probably asked yourself: What am I supposed to do now? What should my response be to this betrayal? There is no doubt a wide range of confusing emotions flooding through you. All these feelings make it very difficult to make any kind of wise decision on what to do next.

23 Men Reveal How They Felt After Finding Out Their Girlfriend Was Cheating

I imagine your stomach feels like it just got ripped clean out. I should know. She already did it.

For example: If you have ever cheated on a girlfriend in the past, you would know that it was pretty easy for you to meet up with your girlfriend hours or days later and act completely normal and natural around her like nothing had happened. So, unless you have really obvious signs that she is cheating e. If she has always been very affectionate and attentive in the past and suddenly begins to give him less of that, he might see it as a sign that his girlfriend is interested in another guy or possibly even cheating on him already. At that point, he might begin to feel insecure and then ask her if she is still in love with him, is thinking about leaving him, is interested in another guy or if she would ever cheat on him. After all, cheating is pretty common in relationships.

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – What Should I do?


Where guys go wrong when they suspect that their girlfriend is cheating might see it as a sign that his girlfriend is interested in another guy or possibly even cheating on him already. I want to know – are you actually cheating on me? If it turns out that she has cheated, then you can decide to forgive her and start from a.


Your BF/GF is Cheating on You…Now What?







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