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Husband finds out wife is pregnant again

By Danielle Zoellner For Dailymail. A Texas couple went viral in a hilarious video where the wife revealed to her husband that they were having their fourth child, and his reaction was priceless. Charles Stewart, 39, from Denton, Texas, thought he was just grabbing his wife, Jahann's, tea for her, but instead he found a pregnancy test placed on top just waiting for him to find. Anticipating a hilarious reaction, year-old Jahann, who describes herself as an 'author and motivational speaker', filmed the moment — and her husband did not disappoint. Funny: Charles and Jahann went viral online after the wife shared a video of her husband reacting to her fourth pregnancy.

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Texas Husband goes viral as wife surprises him with pregnancy test

Did you see the viral video of the husband in shock after finding out his wife was pregnant again? Well, I shocked them again. Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Ellen DeGeneres When you see what Dax Shepard pulled out of his hand. Ellen DeGeneres. Sarah Paulson is my favorite person to scare. These grocery store managers did something wonderful. Download the app! Oprah Winfrey. Jimmy Fallon. Will Smith. National Geographic. Barack Obama. Steve Harvey. Ellen DeGeneres Fans Page. Jennifer Aniston.

When our next guest found out, she was pregnant with her fourth child, she thought it would be funny to record her husband's reaction. The video has now been viewed over a hundred and five million times Hey do me a favor hand me my tea right there on the thing. I forgot it I'm sorry my bad my bad Where my T So No we don't We can't be doing it sleeping with Long Jones on my own Would you mean when we don't lose another moment to the same thing we did for the last 30 baby just oh Lord diapers From Dallas Texas and welcome John and Charles Stewart First of all you're from my hometown.

Ma' am so you move to Dallas Yes Okay. You have three kids, four kids almost. This is baby number four. This is gonna be for so you have three kids huh and you decide why did you think I mean what did you think he was gonna do he's hilarious. He's hilarious with everything So my thing was nobody got to even see my reaction cuz my reaction was crazy In the bathroom by myself but I call my best friend and she's like whatever you do You have to record it cuz she knows that he's crazy He just does crazy So I'm like oh I recorded so I did that and then hence the reason you got the video Yeah Yeah.

Cuz it blew up for A hundred over A hundred million views and we never expected that because we we only did it just for family and friends because they know how he act right So that turned into it going viral and then that turned into us doing a YouTube channel Yeah and everything else It just turned into something so big It's fantastic.

Isn't it Yes That part is fantastic And then this part here is the surprise where you trying to are you trying to have a kid Well I'm I'm old So I think that's how you say that my my soldiers was in marching anymore.

So I had no idea I can do that your soldiers marched Yes they did They did March much right on it They invaded the territory so so you thought she was pranking you Yes. Cuz she told me she was gonna get me back Alright Well she she didn't This is is a big joke to play Yes Yes Keep going really far into it How far along are you I am 30 - three weeks and I am due November the second.

Alright, we're back with your Han and Charles Stewart who are having a baby and it was quite a surprise to to Charles anyway Yes so and it's a it's a boy You say yes it's a boy We have a two girls and a boy and this is gonna be boy number 22 boys two girls. That's great. Do you have a name picked out? We're we're fighting the only name right now What? What would you want? It's meaningful Yes It means victorious one Well that's good too Yeah Jason was victorious a lot of times.

That's right He loved alright so obviously you weren't expecting this so you probably need all kinds of things like you I do have a nursery ready? You have everything No we're actually starting over after six years.

The youngest one is six so we had a garage sale got rid of all kinds of stuff and it was a girl Yeah We sold everything in the garage She decided to get pregnant. Passwort vergessen? Oprah Winfrey Jimmy Fallon 6. Will Smith Tasty National Geographic Barack Obama Steve Harvey Ellen DeGeneres Fans Page Jennifer Aniston 8.

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Did you see the viral video of the husband in shock after finding out his wife was pregnant again? Well, I shocked them again. Gehe zu:.

A father-to-be wept uncontrollably when he found out his wife was pregnant. The couple lives in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband Arkell Graves were getting ready for dinner one night when she asked him to open the oven an take a look inside. She secretly recorded the moment.

Husband weeps when he finds out wife is pregnant after 17 years of trying

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Sep 20, - Charles Stewart, 39, from Denton, Texas, thought he was just grabbing his wife, Jahann's, tea for her, but instead he found a pregnancy test placed on top just waiting for him to find.








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