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How to meet agents in los angeles

RPM Talent Agency has been representing, branding and booking the most well-respected and interesting talent throughout the world for television, film, commercials, theatre, print and voice over campaigns. We believe in treating our talent, managers, casting directors and everyone we do business with with respect, kindness and genuine care. By integrating more than 20 years of business, marketing and public relations practices in the entertainment industry — we are able to provide the most successful expertise and multi-level platforms for our actors — from our most-seasoned to our developing talent. She began her professional career in St.

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How To Get An Agent For Writers, Directors, Or Actors (FREE Checklist)

I fell in love with Los Angeles. It became a long process, which eventually returned great results. I got my O-1 visa! When it finally got approved, there was no hesitation. I moved to Los Angeles in , visa in hand, a place to stay and car all set up. Below I will cover some of the most essential things that I wish people had told me when I first moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. A lawyer who specializes in visas for artists took me on because I was on Spotlight and I had gone to The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama , which is a prestigious and well-known drama school.

In the UK, getting on Spotlight is a big deal. Most students there are drama school graduates. IMDb credits can also help a lot. Be prepared to start working on your Green Card as early as possible.

There is a lot you can do while you are going through the Green Card process, so take advantage of your time in the US, and the fact you got an O-1 visa in the first place, which is a big deal. Some headshot photographers in LA are expensive; that maybe off putting, however, I found that if I had just coughed up the money at the beginning, I would have just had much better headshots that would last me a few years. Below is a partial list of headshot photographers in Los Angeles. Not every famous acting teacher will be the best for every actor.

You need to pick an choose. Unlike in London, US is focus a lot of specific acting techniques and approaches that allow you to connect with your emotions from within. You need to find one that you feel will push you in the right direction. A lot of these teachers will have their own acting books so I suggest reading those before joining a class.

UCB helped me meet some of my best friends in LA, which I formed groups with and we perform as often as we can around Hollywood.

Just being active and constantly working as an actor in Los Angeles feels great and being around friends is never going to be a negative.

Aside from UCB and Groundlings, which are the two most popular improv schools in Los Angeles and carry some weight on your resume, there are other schools you can try which may be cheaper. I just remember I had a great time and was also bricking it as it was quite intimidating being surrounded by such great talent.

I suggest — particularly if it scares you — to go out and actually DO IT! Now, the Monologue Slam is coming to LA in May, and the auditions are in April so if you are in the area then you should definitely sign up to perform and hone your acting chops. I have done so many of them in the past and I have never once been called in. However, a few of my friends have gotten acting jobs from attending casting director workshops in LA, so it is a different experience for everyone.

Connections are absolutely vital here in Los Angeles. My argument is that if you are getting auditions then you should be meeting and building these relationships anyway. Do you have your own personal acting website and how is it working for promoting you as an actor?

Managers can help with all of these questions. They will help guide you and your acting career. You should be able to have an open dialogue with your manager and you should be able to talk to them whenever you have something going on. Managers will be also submitting and pitching you along with your agent. Making calls, sending emails, pitching you for all types of acting jobs as hard as they can. You should, however, be comfortable with your acting agent.

If you do not feel comfortable working with someone then trust your gut and move on. This book helped me immensely. Everything is worth a go at least once so that you can form your own opinion. But you will have to work just as hard when you have a rep because you cannot wait around for them to find you work, and you need to be just as active.

There are several different casting websites which you can use to find acting jobs in Los Angeles. One of the most popular is Backstage — they have a large variety of opportunities for actors, singers, dancers, filmmakers and anybody else going into the industry. It will say on the casting breakdown what type of level the students are at, and thesis films are usually the best quality.

Actors Access also have a platform called Talent Link. What happens with Talent Link is you get put on a roster with other actors for managers and agents who are actively looking for new clients. If someone is interested in you and your profile, they will contact you through that platform. Meet them if you feel good and trust your instincts.

LA Casting and Casting Frontier are two other platforms for casting breakdowns and self-submissions. My first advice with regards to acting jobs and submissions is to be very active when you first move to Los Angeles.

Always continue working, and be respectful towards everybody. Remember, these students are the next generation of filmmakers so treat every job equally and be professional. When going the SAG-AFTRA New Media route, there is a lot of paperwork to be done and it obviously means a lot of work, as you need to write something and get a crew together to shoot the whole thing. I wrote and produced a web series myself.

There are numerous film festivals worldwide now, which means that creating your own work allows you to get your material and you the actor seen by larger audiences. I am sure I have missed something on this list that you would like me to address since there is a lot to be said about moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in acting. I know I have been guilty of feeling this way and I know a lot of my actor friends have also been in that hole.

However, I can guarantee you that the whole process can be extremely fun. Take the pressure off of yourself and enjoy this acting journey — it is a big step to move to a different country, but nothing can be more exciting. Once you moved to Los Angeles or anywhere else you decide to go for acting, be sure to take time to travel, enjoy weekends off and just live life. Personally, I took about eight months off at one point; I was getting married and I just needed a break.

To learn more about me and follow my acting journey, check out my personal website — Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett. Thanks for writing this interesting article Lindsay, congrats on living your dream! If you feel more comfortable to answer some questions more privately you can always send me a private message. Anyway I want to thank you for your time and I wish you all the best in LA! After wanting to lead a life of acting for a while and taking part in community youth acting.

I have many youth acting friends mostrich of those who want to do it as a career in life all have gone to acting schools and universities in the UK.

It is a major worry of mine that not doing this due to grades that it may be a hold back. I was just curious to know how much this matters when moving to LA?

In the long run I have found your article very helpful and in many senses it has inspired me more and more to move to LA. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Acting Industry. Related Posts. Mike Sturch Sep 4, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

LA Actor’s Guide to Starting Acting in Los Angeles

Talent Link is a service we provide to actors who are seeking new talent representation. When reps click on the memo, they will see a single headshot of each of the actors that signed up for that release. It states in the note section below the actor's thumbnail what type of representation they are seeking. Talent Link is a great way for you to put yourself in front of Los Angeles and New York talent agents and managers. Let us bring your future clients to you.

So you want to become an actor? Well as we pointed out in our guide to how to become an actor , you must find yourself a talent agent. Here is our guide to finding a talent agency.

If you're like many actors , you may realize you need an agent but are unsure about how to find one. The value of an agent is they have industry contacts and insight that you don't—and more importantly, they can find acting gigs for you. When you enlist an agent to represent you, they set up general meetings with executives, producers, and casting directors around town to make an introduction. The purpose of these meetings is to put a bug in the ear of the prominent decision-makers.

How to Get an Acting Agent in L.A.

An agent helps negotiate contracts for actors, writers, directors, and producers. They also help talent find jobs by networking and setting up general meetings. Generals are where talent can meet respective producers or studios that might be interested in their work. People want to know how to get a film agent so they can get their careers moving. Having an agent is not required, but most people who make Hollywood their full-time job find agents a valuable resource when it comes to booking gigs, negotiating contracts, and dealing with productions. Want to learn how to find an agent? Start by looking where they live. The largest talent agencies are:. They represent most, if not all, of your favorite writers, directors, and actors. There are other agencies in Hollywood than these eight, but the smaller they are, the fewer opportunities they see pass through the door.

6 Ways to Find the Best Agent for You

Everyone, now successful, has a different story of how they got their first agent with their first pitch…. Surely there is one for you. If a writer you want a literary agent. If a producer or director you want a packaging agent. Packaging Agents are part of large agencies, like the 6 above, who, within their agency represented Actors, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Production designers, Editors, Composers, etc.

I fell in love with Los Angeles. It became a long process, which eventually returned great results.

Almost every actor who wants to be in commercials wants an agent. Landing legitimate representation for commercials can be easy sometimes, but it can also be challenging. Here are some suggestions that might help in the process. Do your research.

How to Get an Agent 101: Acting Business How-Tos

Navigating your acting career in Los Angeles can be a daunting and intimidating task. Finding an agent committed to advancing your career is one of the most crucial steps in your trajectory to success. While the competition for a top agent is fierce, our guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to develop an effective strategy for landing the perfect agent.

Many actors wonder how to get signed by a talent agent the minute they decide to pursue a career in acting. Rightfully so, since everybody knows that talent agents can open up many doors for aspiring performers. This article will answer all of the above questions and more. Moving to Los Angeles? With so many actors and the acting career being as competitive as it is, how do you break through? How to get an agent to sign you and start booking bigger and better acting gigs?

How To Get a Talent Agent


parts of becoming a professional actor is getting an agent. But how do unknown actors meet agents? Acting Oct 6, - Uploaded by Backstage.


Your move.







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