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How to look beautiful for my husband

However open and honest we might want to be in our marriages, there are still some things we wish our spouses knew without us having to tell them. I wanted him to notice me and to be attracted to me. Thankfully, he did and he was. Understanding the ways that guys are visually stimulated worked to my advantage in those days.

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May 14 20 Iyar Torah Portion. Plane travel used to be so glamorous. Even when I was younger, I flew very rarely and it was always special. I felt excited and made an effort with my appearance. But plane travel has changed. If anything, it is now the opposite of glamorous.

Everyone is flying, in their sweat pants, in their pyjamas. There are long lines and even those who get dressed have to undress at security. It is a different experience. So when I planned for a recent trip, I took out my old T-shirt and my threadbare skirt. Who cares what I look like? I'm going to be squished beside someone. When I try to eat, the crumbs will probably cover my lap.

The whole flight will be draining and unpleasant. Why bother? I packed the clothes for my trip and left the shirt and skirt out for morning wear. I was organized and prepared. Then morning came. As I was about to slip the T-shirt over my head, I stopped and thought a minute. Who am I traveling with? The answer was not the two hundred and something other passengers on the plane although I should always try to make a good impression on everyone.

The real answer was my husband. On the other side of me where the stranger is not taking up half my seat he would be sitting. Do I really want him looking at me in my ratty old T-shirt for the next six hours?

Is that really putting my best foot forward in my marriage? It wasn't about the lack of glamor, the potentially rude stewardess or the garrulous passenger in the window seat.

It was about him. And for him, I always want to look my best. I folded up my old T-shirt and stuck it back way back in the closet. I put the skirt on a hanger and did likewise with it. Then I pulled out a nicer outfit and the jewelry to match. I dabbed on some makeup and I was ready to go. Yes, the makeup what little there was would be off by the end of the flight.

Yes, my nicer skirt would probably still have crumbs on it and maybe even some spicy mayo from the sushi we brought for lunch! Yes, I would be exhausted and drained and not looking my best by the time we landed. But that wasn't the point. By changing my outfit I was giving a message to my husband: You are important to me. You are actually the most important to me. I want to look nice for you. It's worth some sacrifice and discomfort to achieve this.

But of course this doesn't apply only when we travel. This lesson applies all the time, day in and day out. I should try to look my best for him, no matter what I looked like ten minutes before he got home.

This is my responsibility. It is so difficult. I know that at the end of a long day, I just want to put on my robe and relax. Clothing can be so restrictive and uncomfortable. But I don't, because my comfort isn't the primary goal here. The message to my husband is. You are the most important to me. And even though I'm tired, grumpy, overwhelmed, I never want to stop telling you that. I never want to stop giving you and our marriage the attention it deserves.

Is it okay if I draw the line at those super long flights from Los Angeles to Israel? I was just saying to my husband that I am doing this. I've been slacking We've hit a rough patch in our lives and Lately, there's little to dress up for. I find that I've got in a too, too casual rut.

I've always been good about hanging up the phone or shutting the TV when he comes home, or cooking something he really likes, but lately dressing nicely has been an option not so often taken.

Since men are visual it must matter, though in true good husband form, he tells me I look fine, beautiful even. I expect I'll even feel a little better as well.

It may sounds silly and a little shallow on the surface but I can see the value of this advice. I have a number of valuable assets, as do we all, but it hits home that we dress for shul, meetings, work, and even errends. Perhaps, I could limit my husband seeing me in a sweatshirt to our trips to the gym together, mostly anyway.

While looking good for one's spouse and this applies to men and women alike is a priority, the extent of her concern in this article seems bizarrely misplaced.

Plane rides are already long, tedious, uncomfortable experiences, as the writer admits. If she's wearing her nice clothes on a plane, when exactly is she "permitted" to wear a T-Shirt?

Is the answer rarely, if at all? In that case, I'd suggest a deeply problematic instance of valuing a husband's experience of finding his wife attractive and knowing that she is concerned about his opinion over and above his wife's actual experiences physical discomfort, the knowledge that she is actively sacrificing her own preferences for his, etc.

Not a healthy way to build a relationship. Anonymous , June 7, PM. It's not about getting dressed up fancy. It's about looking good for your spouse. There's nothing wrong with wearing a jeans skirt and a t-shirt if they fit and flatter.

The last thing, the very last thing of all, that I care for my wife to be concerned with when we travel is her looks. She ls beautiful to me whatever she wears. Truth to tell, I would be absolutely delighted if she never applied so much as a dab of lipstick, rouge, powder, eyebrow liner or other makeup ever again multiply that by a thousand for perfume -- feh! For fine dining, the theater, a dance performance, a museum show, I can easily live with the little glitz she expects of us both, but for the airborne sardine can?

Pooh, pooh, pooh. I find myself actually dressing better on the weekends than I do during my work week! I am always impressed that my husband is so much more well groomed than I am. He is clean shaven, freshly showered with a little cologne. I want him to know I appreciate what he does on my behalf, so when I go to grab the old t-shirt out of the closet being that it is a weekend, I get a change of heart.

He always sees me like this, let's dress it up a bit! I would like to comment on two issues facing the husband. My wife is on the phone. I'll be right down". They can be talking about her friends phone companion mother-in-law's cat.

But that is female bonding. I get a glass of water, sit down on the couch with a sefer or magazine, feeling totally neglected. Why did I rush home? Just to sit alone! My wife can go out of the house to mail a letter, to go to the makolet, or whatever. I am at home. She will get dressed to "look well groomed". Before she throws her coat on, she looks at me and asks" How do I look?

It's important that she should look go for the postal clerk, or the girl behind the cash in the makolet. Can I imagine coming home one day, and my wife looking at me and ask "How do I look? She would respond, Darling, I wanted to look well groomed for you". A friend once commented, " the first 20 years of marriage is learning to care and share. The next 40 years are learning to tolerate.

How to Be Attractive for Your Husband

The Muslim woman makes herself beautiful for her husband by means of make-up, clothing, etc. In this way she will appear more beautiful and attractive to him, and make her husband, Allah willing, love her more. They would wear fine clothes and jewellery at home, aswell as when they were traveling, in order to make themselves look beautiful for their husbands. A Muslim woman's beauty should be primarily for her husbands and not just for her friends and peers. Those women who are failing to make themselves beautiful for their husbands may even be considered sinners, because they are falling short in one of the greatest duties of marriage.

In: Marriage. Your husband is constantly spending all day in pajamas, or gym attire.

My husband is the sweetest guy. Now, I believe in honoring my husband in all things. Do you have the same sentiments as I? Is it important to you, too, to look great for your husband?

What your husband wishes you knew… about the way you look.

The single most important reason to be attractive is so that we can feel good about ourselves. The second most important reason is to please the one's we love. To be an attractive mom means that your children like to be with you and to introduce you to their friends. To be an attractive wife means that your husband couldn't imagine finding a woman better than you and wouldn't even bother to try. You don't need to be physically beautiful to be attractive, but you do need to bring out your own personal beauty. If you are finding it hard to be an attractive woman for your husband because you are finding him less attractive, you may need to work on falling in love with your husband again. In this article, I'm going to assume that you are in love with your husband and want to give your best to him.

26 Best Quick Ways To Attract Your Husband Sexually

May 14 20 Iyar Torah Portion. Plane travel used to be so glamorous. Even when I was younger, I flew very rarely and it was always special. I felt excited and made an effort with my appearance. But plane travel has changed.

They say "Happy wife, happy life," but I'm happiest when my husband is happy.

Posted by Carolina Jun 17, Marriage 8. I think all of us girls can agree that we all want to look more attractive for our husbands. We have unrealistic expectations of what beauty is.

26 Ways to Become Irresistible to Your Husband

We have heard many married women complain that after a few years of marriage the spark in their relationship seems to have gone and they do not anymore feel the same for each other as they used to do. According to many, their husbands have changed after marriage, they do not find their wives anymore beautiful and attractive, and it is some unknown mystery to them what has caused this transformation. So, if you are one of them, or you think it is happening to you also but you are quiet because you are not the complaining type, here are some tips and suggestions to help you.

As an Amazon Associate, as well as an affiliate of other programs, this means if you purchase something using these links, I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you! Hello, Friends! I know, in advance, that this post may ruffle some feathers. My intent is not to upset anyone, but rather to gently encourage us to not let ourselves go — both for our husbands and ourselves. Now, I know that we get older and bodies flab, grey hair pops up and wrinkles form. What was it about you that drew him to you?

Why Looking Good Matters in Your Marriage

When your husband was just your boyfriend and you were eager to impress him, you spent hours debating what to wear for a date. You simply wanted to look your best and nothing less would do. And when he appreciated the effort and complimented you, it was well worth it. But did you ever stop and think whether you pay the same attention to detail that you did when you were dating? It goes beyond that. Read on for ten ways to be more attractive to your husband

Nov 16, - This is a good read: 2. Make an effort to look pretty--for yourself! When I feel good about myself, I know my husband feels doubly happy!

Some people believe that sex plays a very small part in marriage, as true as that may be, its value cannot be undermined. Things may go haywire between two people when they are married especially if they have lost physical contact with each other. Being sexual involves having a strong attraction and bond between two people.

This is simply a common situation that most couples find themselves in after being together for a few years. You might begin to take each other for granted. Small, unprocessed arguments start to stack up and resentment quietly builds, like a subtle din in your partnership. Like anything worth having, getting the spark back is going to require a bit of effort.

He comes closer to you. Gives a naughty look, and then pulling you nearer to his masculine body, makes you feel wanted. Slowly he starts kissing your neck and just when you get into the mood, you hear the doorbell ring.

Since we know this about men and if we are married to a man, we should do what we can to stay attractive for our own husband.

Updated: April 1, Reader-Approved References. However, you may be in the mood to spice up your look and just to try something different to make your special man see your beauty in a new light. If you want to look beautiful for your boyfriend, then you have to take care of your outward appearance as well as your attitude. Not quite! The trouble with using lip balm right before a kiss is that it might make your lips unpleasantly wet.

One of the most disturbing things about the Petraeus affair, and others before it, is the compulsion to blame the betrayed spouse. Self Control. How could any red-blooded man control himself? They were an incredible team that devoted their lives to this country and the members of the Army they both served with and for. But what does that partner owe the marriage? Appearances Matter. One of the first things that attracts us to someone is what they look like.


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