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How do i find a friend on zwift

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Many people in the UK and around the world are facing the gloomy prospect of not being able to ride with their friends over the coming weeks. The cycling world has responded by suspending many planned events and club runs, with British Cycling stopping all its riding activities and cycling clubs around the country also stopping their regular rides and races. But even when facing a crisis, exercise and socialising are an essential part of day-to-day life, so how can you keep the legs moving and stay in contact with friends during a lockdown? Thankfully we can all now share our rides in the virtual training world Zwift , an online platform that lets you ride, train, race and chat from the comfort of your own home. We looked into the best way to set up a Zwift group ride to help you stay in touch with your riding partners. There are a number of ways meet up with friends on Zwift: You can agree to meet at a certain point on a course at a certain time make sure you all choose the same route , you can use the Ride With feature to join someone riding when you log into Zwift, you can join an organised event, or you can create a MeetUp.

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Written by David Arthur Published on New to the virtual training platform or something of a Watopia native? Either way, these pointers should help you get the most out of Zwift next time you log on for a session. Zwift has helped to transform indoor cycling. Gone are the days of staring at a blank wall as you pedal through the pain, and in its place is a highly addictive training tool that immerses you in a handful of virtual worlds.

From structured workouts to organised events and races, and new routes to unlock, there are loads of things other than worlds to explore within the training platform. Here are some top tips to take your Zwift experience to the next level. Get a fan, towel and water bottle at the ready. Preparation is key to getting the most out of an indoor cycling session on Zwift, so it pays to ensure you, your bike and kit are all ready.

Use the Zwift Companion app. Die Companion-App eignet sich hervorragend, um Events zu finden. Once signed in, it automatically connects to your Zwift ride on your main device and performs several functions before and during a Zwift ride.

Before you start pedalling, the app lets you easily view the vast number of events, group rides and races on Zwift with information about what you can expect from each ride. It also lets you wave at other cyclists and perform a U-turn if you feel like it. During a race or group ride, you can also send messages to other cyclists. Get to know the course. Zwift provides several pre-determined routes for each world, which you can choose before you start your session.

These can be ordered by distance or elevation, so you can choose a short, long, hilly or flat ride to suit your requirements. There are also many organised group rides taking place daily on Zwift and these are another good option for getting to know the virtual roads of the various worlds. As previously mentioned, the Zwift Companion app lets you choose your route through the virtual road as well.

Take an FTP test. Die Tests finden sich im Trainings-Bildschirm und variieren nach Dauer. Essentially, each will see you ride as hard as you can sustain and Zwift will calculate your FTP -- which you can then use to choose the right level race or group ride.

Just make sure you get a good warm-up as these are tough workouts. If that sounds too hard, Zwift automatically tests FTP during every ride — group workout, race, or climb — and if it detects an increase in your minute average power, it will prompt you to update your profile with an improved FTP score.

Zwift uses levels to encourage you to keep cycling and unlock certain features -- from access to locked routes or climbs, to choosing new bikes and equipment for your avatar.

You collect experience points XP as you cycle around Watopia, and the further you cycle, the more points you collect. They can also be earned by doing events, workouts and other challenges.

Starting at level one, there are 50 different levels in total. Going up levels unlocks new bikes, equipment and clothing for the virtual you. Kauf dir dein eigenes, virtuelles Bike. Zwift also has its own virtual currency — Drops — that can be used to upgrade your bike and wheels with recreations of real-world kit, such as frames by Specialized and Ribble or wheelsets by Zipp or Enve.

Workouts, organised rides, and MeetUps. There are many ways to enjoy Zwift with enough variety to suit everyone. Workouts let you take your fitness to the next level.

They are extremely good for structured training and can be used to help you prepare for a goal event. Zwift offers a wide range of workouts that can be selected individually to suit your requirements and time constraints, or as part of a wider training plan. You can also take part in a group workout — think of these as like doing a spin class or chain gang. Although you will still be riding on your own in the physical world, sharing the experience with a large group of fellow cyclists virtually can be great for motivation.

There's a plethora of organised rides — from social events to club runs to long-distance rides that will simulate a sportive. There are many popular organised rides taking place in all time zones around the world and most let you choose a level to suit your abilities.

You can ride with a friend as well. In essence, you create your own mini-event that you can invite friends on Zwift to, then choose a course and time and go for a virtual ride together. How to get into racing. Race other players and keep your training fun. Racing is a fun way to use Zwift and there are events to suit everyone — long and short, hilly and flat.

After the manic start, the races settle down. You might not think tactics matter in a virtual race, but they do. Drafting works, so make use of a group to your advantage and conserve your energy for the climbs or sprints. Some races will allow power-ups and you can use these smartly too -- saving them for strategic places like a big climb or the sprint finish. Another way to get a flying start is to build up your power seconds before the timer counts down to zero. Don't forget to have fun.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use Zwift and the variety on offer ensures that cyclists of all persuasions and abilities will be catered for.

Talking with other Zwifters during a ride

Written by David Arthur Published on New to the virtual training platform or something of a Watopia native? Either way, these pointers should help you get the most out of Zwift next time you log on for a session.

The Zwift Companion App is the perfect companion to Zwift. Stay connected when you're on the go.

Have you ever been on an outdoor ride or a race with a group of friends or fellow riders? Sure, all of us did and probably you talked along the way. Indoor cycling can become boring without some form of interactivity. Some watch tv or other media during rides and some interact.

Recieve Notification when a friend starts a ride, like Zwift. Show them on a map. Try to meetup.

There are many ways to motivate people, and indoor training software applications employ a wide array of methods to appeal to a wide range of personalities. One aspect of training and fitness that many athletes enjoy is the social bond they enjoy with other athletes - people gathering together and bonding through a common interest. There is a lot of power in that basic social element of human nature: To be supported and to support others when we are at our best - or at our worst. To motivate and push one another to higher achievements. To celebrate our successes and to learn from our failures. To make friends or to enjoy friendly rivalries. These are some of the beautiful aspects of sport. Technology - and the Internet in particular - has provided us with a means to connect with others who share common interests, anywhere in the world.

How to ride with your friends on Zwift

You can create a Meetup by selecting someone who follows you, and hitting the Request Meetup button. You can invite up to 50 people who follow you. When you log into the game, the main menu screen presents you with a few options. Here, you can select which world you want to ride in, and what style of riding you want to do: an event, a workout, or free riding. Any friends that you are following will appear at the top of the list, highlighted in a lighter color than the other riders.

When Zwift first started you were just deposited at the start line, and you had to find other riders to tag along with. Plus there were a bunch of blue ghost people to pad things about a bit.

As you start making friends in Zwift, you will start seeing them more and more in the Zwift universe. Adding friends on Zwift has its privileges. The easiest way to add a friend is on Zwift Companion App.

Ride With Friends! All About Meetups in Zwift Companion

Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava.

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I joined Zwift to ride while I heal from a crash. I joined because a few friends already use it and they like it. I am already very active in Strava and I have my own blog and YouTube channel. I want to add friends to ride with. If you use the companion app you can tag people as friends, it will also show you when they ride. Thanks for the tip.

8 hacks and tips to get the most out of Zwift

Please update your Zwift ID on the connection page to complete registration. Remember me. Forum General. How do you add someone as a friend? Questions, banter and general discussion. Re: How do you add someone as a friend?

A video made for the Regina Cycle Club on how to follow someone on Zwift via the Zwift Companion app Dec 28, - Uploaded by Paul Cutting.

Meetups, group rides and social Zwifting explained. By Simon Bromley. Cafe rides, club-runs and early-season sportives have been replaced by online meet-ups and chats. Of course, like in real life, you can just agree to meet your friends at a certain time and place in the virtual world, but there are other, more sophisticated ways to organise group rides too. As with any piece of tech though, there are a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of it — and a couple of things to avoid doing altogether.

I would implement a feature similar to Zwift where it notifies you when a starred friend starts a ride. This way you can more spontaneously chose to go meet up with them, give them a thumbs up, or feel motivated to get out and ride too. I am on a team where many of us live across the city.

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Zwift Companion 3.

With Zwift you can ride with others from all over the world, but sometimes you might want to ride with specific people. If you're looking to get together with friends on Zwift, there are a few different ways to make that happen:. This is the option to create a Meetup. Tap the world to select it, then choose your route and set a total distance or time duration for the Meetup.



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