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Having a boyfriend while studying abroad

When they arrive, international students in Copenhagen claim they will stay true to their partners at home. But in reality after three months, one in three is already interested in someone else. For whatever reason, most relationships do not go the distance when one person is on study abroad, a University Post survey shows. High moral ideals and romantic fantasies are often crushed by the reality of constant temptation and by the difficulties of a long distance love affair. Cheating is rife, and suddenly, when seen from a distance, the one who seemed to be the love of your life at home is transformed into an annoying ball and chain. According to the University Post survey, six out of ten exchange students are in a relationship with someone in their home country when they arrive in Copenhagen.

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Long Distance Relationships Abroad – difficult burden or a unique opportunity?

I was nervous about being abroad alone and having such a short time to make friends. Of course, those fears proved needless, as I spent the most amazing summer getting to know my peers and making memories with them in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the friends I made was a friendly and quiet young man who was also in the USAC program, from a university on the other side of the country I attended school in Florida, he in California.

Throughout the course of our program in Prague, our connection grew and he began to mean more to me than a friend. Unfortunately, we had just a few short weeks together before we had to return to opposite corners of the U.

We were both concerned about the distance and doubted the logic of maintaining a relationship from Florida to California. Drawn together by our love of adventure and travel, we have continued to travel and explore new places. I met Danny LeMelle on the first day of the program. He was one of five guys in the program of 50, so he stood out, to say the least. We met again in our cooking class, again among a group of students at a pizzeria, and then again when the only open bus seat on a field trip was next to him.

During that field trip to Civita di Bagnoregio, I overheard him talking to other students about some of his favorite foods. My roommate went along with it. He arrived to help me in the kitchen with one of our coincidental favorites — jambalaya. Cooking together became a theme throughout the semester. So did getting lost by getting on the wrong train or bus, exploring new cities together and watching The Godfather. He introduced me to the Coppola classic, I taught him how to bake cookies and flip pancakes.

He would always forget about my tree nut allergy and ask if he could make me a plate of pesto. Time has flown since that semester. Danny proposed to me on New Years Eve and we now are planning on returning to Viterbo to be married in Anyone know a good florist? During my semester abroad in spring in Pau, France, I met my friend Sarah. We recently reunited for the first time in six years this past December. Despite the distance she is from California and I am from Ohio , we have remained extremely close and still talk almost every day.

I am currently a PhD student studying French history and Sarah is a marketing and events manager for a French marketing company. I was studying abroad in Cork, Ireland in the spring of After a bit, I ended up standing and talking to one of his friends and he said that they were from Dublin on the last hooray for his friend. We hit it off while being serenaded in the pub.

From then we started seeing each other almost every weekend and spent a weekend in Liverpool photo together with his friend. It was a great twelve weeks, but then I had to return to the states. We continued talking every day and he came to visit me in Chicago in October for a week. The journey of my life started in I had just sent in all my paperwork to study abroad in Germany for Fall and I was beyond excited.

There was only a small problem. I did my best to study what I could with tools online and Duolingo, but everywhere I looked said a language partner would be my best bet.

This is how we first became friends. We met online through a language exchange website and texted nearly every day. We face-timed at least once a week. I was definitely scared of the dangers of meeting people online but that diminished as I got to know him.

He was a student just like me, just German and looking to improve his English. As the days approached and months went by we grew to know each other more and more. Suddenly my departure date was only two weeks away when on a whim I decided to go to Lollapalooza Berlin the weekend of my arrival. I was scared to go alone so he offered to go with me and we met in Berlin Hauptbahnhof. He was just as sweet and nice as he was when we facetimed.

And, like most Germans, he was straightforward in revealing that he had grown to like me once we had arrived at our AirBnB. From then on, my study abroad suddenly grew a romantic aspect. He and I are still together to this day. We have even more plans to travel the world and want to close our distance after my graduation date in I knew that this opportunity would change my life and my future, but I never knew it would change like this.

A host sibling from a prior study abroad experience had passed away. I had come out to friends and family. Events in the world were intensifying these experiences for me. Though things were chaotic, I chose to dedicate a few months to practice Spanish, a language I had studied since eighth grade and admired my whole life.

And I cannot imagine a better place to live, grow, and heal. Costa Rica enveloped me with warmth. Most surprising of all, I fell in love in Costa Rica. Kelly, another student on the program, accepted me with compassion, understanding, and a sense of humor.

The USAC staff cheered our relationship on in various ways, to our delight and occasional embarrassment. Our love began in Costa Rica, but it did not end in Costa Rica. Our relationship since has been full of long car rides, plane trips, and a cross-country move. More importantly, it has been full of hikes, birthday celebrations, graduations, meeting the family, and developing our cooking skills. Kelly and I look forward to discovering our place in the world together in the coming years.

We spent almost every day together after that. In the beginning, we had no idea what we were doing as we were from entirely different backgrounds, not to mention the language difference. All we knew to be true was that we had come across something very special. However, I have come to find that my home is in the small town of Reggio Emilia. My heart lies there along with the love of my life.

After over a year of being together and traveling back and forth between countries, I never grow tired of waiting for the moments with mio amore. My study abroad experience will always be my greatest treasure. I studied abroad in Torino, Italy in the spring of My second night in Turin and our first night out, I and a few of the other USAC students found ourselves at a pizza kebab shop. Here we met some Italian guys our age from Turin!

They invited us to meet them in Piazza Castello the next evening to give us a tour of the city. He and I saw each other frequently during the five months in Turin. We traveled to Rome, Nice, and took a trip to the sea together. I even extended my study abroad trip for 10 days to stay with him and do a little traveling in and outside of Turin.

Unsure of what would happen when I left, we were enjoying all of the time together that we could. I am currently back in Turin visiting him! I am here for a whole month and my heart is oh so happy. The distance was well worth it. He is coming to the US to visit me in June, and hopefully come permanently within the next few years.

There were people from all over the world staying there alone with a few local Ghanaians. My now husband Terry, who is a Ghanaian, was a regular visitor.

He and some of his friends played football soccer very often on campus grounds right outside our hostel. With his regular visits, I began to notice him but refused to talk to any locals. Shame on me. Soon he approached me and we connected immediately. We began to hang out almost every day. During my time with him, I began to have a different view on those who lived abroad.

Soon I returned to the states and we decided to try a long distance relationship. Eventually, after four months the distance had become too much for me and we decided to remain friends and go our separate ways. Over the next three years, we reached out during holidays and birthdays and check-ins with one another.

As life would have it, May of we began speaking on the regular and decided to give the relationship a second chance. A year later he made it clear he want to spend the rest of his life with me. I returned to Ghana August and we got married! It was then that I realized my husband was always predestined for me it just took me four years to finally accept Gods will for my life!

I met my boyfriend about a month before the end of my term abroad in Lyon, France. In the beginning, we both thought it would just be a fling, and neither of us were looking for a relationship. Then one day, the thought of breaking up with him upon leaving crushed me.

I knew I had found someone special, and he had quickly become one of my best friends.

How Do I Have a Boyfriend at Home While I’m Studying Abroad?

Rather, my biggest apprehension surrounded my relationship— fearful that studying abroad and moving away from my partner inevitably meant breaking up. I clicked on the first article and that sense of comfort morphed into a perturbing sadness! I was convinced by the numerous articles that we, no matter how happy we are, were doomed to break up after I moved! Despite the ocean between us, we continually prove those articles wrong everyday by staying committed to our relationship. So, here are my recommendations for those of you, future study-abroad students, having the same relationship worries I did:.

Maintaining a healthy relationship takes work, but doing so long distance is a whole different ball game. How do things work out when one partner leaves to study abroad and the other is stuck on campus? They flop right out of the starting gate because of jealousy, miscommunication, boredom, indifference, you name it.

I was nervous about being abroad alone and having such a short time to make friends. Of course, those fears proved needless, as I spent the most amazing summer getting to know my peers and making memories with them in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the friends I made was a friendly and quiet young man who was also in the USAC program, from a university on the other side of the country I attended school in Florida, he in California. Throughout the course of our program in Prague, our connection grew and he began to mean more to me than a friend. Unfortunately, we had just a few short weeks together before we had to return to opposite corners of the U.

6 Tips for Studying Abroad While in a Committed Relationship

You will have heard horror stories of how catastrophically awful long-distance relationships can be. While, yes, if the person is not right, long distance may speed along the end of your relationship; otherwise there is no reason why it should not be manageable. If you or your partner want to study abroad at university, then kudos to you. It is a brave and admirable decision, and will no doubt bring with it plenty of benefits for your future. Rachel spent a year away from the United Kingdom and her partner Richard while she studied in Morocco. Being far away from your loved one can suck at times, but you can make it work. Fred and his partner Mae went through a similar situation. She wanted to share her excitement of studying abroad with Anatoly, but felt Skype and Facebook were not enough.

Study abroad will damage your relationship

Whenever someone I know is planning to travel for any amount of time, the concern over relationships back home comes up. Questions over missing big events or how to maintain a relationship with a significant other will just be the beginning of thoughts swirling around in your mind before you make the leap to move abroad. The people that truly love you will support you and always be excitedly waiting for your return and communicating across continents is easier now than ever before. My boyfriend and I have been long-distance for most of our relationship, and this has been so important for us! You might think you need to be in constant contact with everyone back home, but — truthfully — this might not be realistic.

When I was about to leave to study abroad in Antwerp, Belgium, I had been dating someone for over two years. I thought I would spend the rest of my life with him, and leaving him was going to be the hardest part about my study abroad experience.

Many students enter their undergraduate studies intent on spending at least a semester abroad. Some see this time as an opportunity to flirt with cute foreigners or go on exciting dates in new cities. I was one such student— that is until I encountered a Babson senior during the fall of my freshman year. We let ourselves fall hard for each other after four.

Upperclassmen share their experience with long-distance relationships and studying abroad

One fear I had about moving to Scotland for four months was that it would be too far away from Australia. You see, my girlfriend Lindsey is also studying abroad, but on the opposite side of the world at the University of Sydney. Seriously, look at the map!

Universities and colleges offer International Study programs and exchanges all over the globe, allowing women from all over the world to immerse themselves in a global culture that is entirely new. Studying abroad is all about leaving your comfort zone, and it is mostly a positive thing until we come to a few sensitive topics, one of them being your relationship with your boyfriend. Do it right now. Do it before you hop that plane. You only can carry 44 pounds of baggage on international flights anyway. Some of you are going to feel like that other half just got violently ripped from yours and thrown across the sea never to be seen again for some over-dramatic period of time.

What I’ve Learned From Being In A Long Distance Relationship While Studying Abroad

You meet someone very special, you fall in love, and everything is perfect. Suddenly, it turns out that you get an internship abroad. You know you have to take it, but what about your boyfriend? Imagine these situations, in moments like these, you see yourself in the film sliding doors and you continuously ask yourself: Which is the best choice for my life? Which one will make me happier? And if I stay here will I regret it? All of us run into these difficult situations at least once in our mids and then we have two choices: either to break up or to go for a long-distance relationship. So, if you decide to pack your stuff and leave for a new great adventure trying to make your relationship work from distance, you should read what I learned the hard way.

Jul 7, - That's fantastic -- but study abroad has the power to kill relationships. Make sure to keep ahold of that passion and consider the following tips.

Studying abroad comes with a lot of challenges. You have to learn to navigate a new city and culture and, depending on where you go, may even need to learn a new language. Some of us have an additional challenge to overcome too—having to balance the study abroad experience with maintaining a relationship from back home. From the moment my boyfriend and I started dating last year, we knew this was coming.

Is Your Relationship Ready for a Study Abroad Term?

Study abroad is a type of travel that brings a sense of adventure out of even the most travel-timid. For many of us, study abroad is our first step out of our comfort zones and into the world of travel. Sounds just a tad exciting, right?

11 Love Stories from Abroad




Dating While Studying Abroad—Maximize Fun, Minimize Heartbreak


How to maintain a long-distance relationship while you study abroad


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