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Hair style for 40 year old woman

Here are stunning short hairstyles for women over 40 that you can mix and match for your new look! Most women over 40 say that they are way more confident than they were a decade ago. With that being said, your 40s is the best time to explore new hairstyles to express who you are! Check out these pictures of short haircuts for women over 40 that are flattering, daring, and modern. For styling, we used Bumble and bumble Sumo Clay. This look is great for someone who loves short hair and would have a fun time taking the time to style it in its edgy fashion!

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78 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Just because you are in your 40s doesn't mean you can't have gorgeous long hair or a fun color. This is the time in your life to experiment with something new, whether that is chopping off ten inches, trying a bold new hue, or rocking bangs for the first time. Throw your ideas of "age-appropriate" out the window, and embrace your youthful spirit.

After all, that's what turning 40 is all about. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from one of these haircuts and hairstyles for women over 40 that are flattering, classy, and easy to manage. This gorgeous pony tai l and bangs are achieved on super smooth hair that has stunning shine. To get this make sure hair is as straight as possible with a keratin treatment or basic glossing treatment.

We love this shaggy look with the additional of bangs. The lowlights and highlights combination makes this look come together. Ask your colorist for custom highlights to draw attention to your best facial areas. Every woman with chin length or longer hair should know how to get a french twist in a hurry.

This sleek and simple style come together in minutes with a hair elastic and bobby pins. If your hair lays right or you have a lot of it,. A basic slightly asymmetrical bob comes together well with the addition of balayage style color.

The natural dark brown of the hair gets a dose of light with this caramel highlight style. This would be one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 , too! The Chestnut Brown color on this model shines because there are some subtle shimmery highlights throughout the color. The texture on the bottom of this cut is simply amazing.

This type of bob is one that truly looks good on women of all ages. Side swept bangs give a mystery appeal to the look, and the razored ends and layers add in the appearance of volume.

This long layered look shows what can be done when a colorist thinks outside the box when it comes to highlights. The heavy copper highlights on the side swept bangs make the model's face stand out. This Bob is all about the well-defined golden curls.

On first glance, it may appear that the curls are just blonde , but when you look closer, you see some gorgeous honey lowlights added in for a multi-faceted look. This smooth flowing below the shoulders hairstyle is a good option for ladies that just don't want to have shorter hair.

The length is not so long that it weighs down your face or overall look. A cute clip holds bangs in place all day. While going lighter with hair color is a popular choice for women over 40, dark hair can be gorgeous as well. This well tapered layered pixie style cut does a good job framing a beautiful face. A basic yet attractive side swept bob that is a compromise of popular lengths. This is an ideal look for busy women that still want a lot of style options.

Feathered hair has a place in modern style. The style combines face framing copper layers with some layers that fall back and away. There is a whole world of red out there. A stylist can help you find a shade that goes well with your skin tone and eye color. This Strawberry color is great for blue or green eyed ladies. The two tone color look is hot right now. If you like the look but want to keep it a bit more subtle than consider going with a color that is a tone found in nature or at least a pastel shade that doesn't pop out so much.

For years women have admired Heather Locklear's fabulous blonde lob hairstyle. Her look is done by well-placed layers and a fringe of bangs. You don't have to go blonde to rock this style either.

Streaked blonde and brown hair get an edgy boost with some purple highlights. Plenty of women over 40 are now trying color combinations they have not in the past. This vibrant red color gives they more common burgundy a fun upgrade. This is a heavily layered look that will grow out well if you like to go back and forth from short to longer looks. Sharon Osbourne has never been one to be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to hot colors and edgy style. This vampire red color suits her well and enlivens a typical touseled pixie cut.

If you like having longer blonde shades of hair, then balayage can make it a lot less harsh looking for a lady over Bleached out looks can make you look the same. This attractive color pattern combines the whole range of blonde out there. While ombre looks are popular, they can be a bit too much for a more conservative look. The look shown here relies on subtly lightened tips for a beautiful take on a popular trend. If you are lucky enough to be able to get great length and maintain the condition, then the silky straight long look can be a simple one that gives you the freedom to style your hair countless ways.

Beauty and volume come together in this stunning cut. Mid-length is such a good goal to go for if you have curls you love but want some manageability and weight reduction on your head. Christie shines with below the shoulder curls and side-swept bangs. A pretty and basic look that is sure to be a winner for anyone that likes to keep hair a longer length. Christies's brilliant blonde color is stunning with her complexion, but those with darker skin tones should explore the gorgeous honey and caramel blonde colors that are out there.

This choppy round bob with side-swept bangs frames the face and had amazing highlights. You can take it to another level with a streak or two of fun color.

Round bobs that are side-swept look best on round faces while center parts should be avoided. Long hairstyles for women over 40 are absolutely gorgeous. Sarah Jessica Parker's hair has always been able an inspiration. While she chooses blonde, this can be done in any shade of color and looks really good with balayage. The parting hair on the side can give this a different and more mysterious look.

This dark brown pixie offers layers but still lays smooth enough for a sophisticated and face-hugging look. If you work with the public a lot, then this is a manageable everyday hair cut that only requires a few trips to the salon a year if you are not concerned about an inch or so of extra length at times.

You might think you see a lot of bangs here lately, but there is a reason for this. Blunt bangs make sure that your eyes have a line over them for added drama and emphasis. Heavy highlighted layers make for a long textured look that is simply out of this world. This is one hot messy cut that can take years off your appearance while still being completely appropriate and good for the office. A bit of styling in the morning is going to be necessary to maintain this volume.

Keeping sleek and smooth usually, pays off when it comes to hot hairstyles. For thick-haired women, this is a good option for control, and the layers help take the weight off and give you ultimate texture. This is one of our favorite hairstyles for women over A shoulder-length slightly layered cut can be very flattering for a lady over The model here has some roots showing but you can avoid this with balayage color or stick to your natural color.

The Carmel highlighted look is one of our favorite medium length hairstyles. On this razor cut with side swept bangs the blonde streaks really bring out the texture and fun. This very short cut is daring but oh so pretty on women with good facial structure and stunning skin. This is perfect for a woman that wants to change out looks often because the length allows for easy and comfortable wear of wigs.

Flipped under hair ends are not hard with a medium to large barrel curling iron or even a good round brush and hairdryer. This cute look is set off by a few golden blonde highlights. This is a style that is inspired by the ladies of Mad Men. This is a very shaggy and tousled version of the pixie that leaves a little more hair on the neck than usual.

Highlights can make this look bright and playful. This cut takes a lot of weight off of heavy hair. If you want to keep some length and have thick hair, then this is one to consider. Styling is easy with a rounded brush and hair dryer to set the flyaway layers in place for the day. This Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over It goes just below the chin, and the waves are all that is needed for the texture you crave. The side-swept bang look is popular; a straight part can be attractive on oval faced ladies.

This look has been seen on a lot of celebrities. White blonde can be a lot of fun, but if you have naturally really dark hair, it might not be the best look because bleaching is harsh on the hair and roots show so quickly.

If you have light brown or lighter hair naturally then this is a style worth investigating further. This is also a great base for adding highlights of other colors that don't show well on darker hair. Hopefully, our list has inspired you to consider all the wonderful haircuts and hairstyles for women over 40 possibilities, and has you encouraged to express your creativity and confidence.

Finding a stylist that is not afraid to try out fun styles is also very important.

40 Top Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Just because you are in your 40s doesn't mean you can't have gorgeous long hair or a fun color. This is the time in your life to experiment with something new, whether that is chopping off ten inches, trying a bold new hue, or rocking bangs for the first time. Throw your ideas of "age-appropriate" out the window, and embrace your youthful spirit. After all, that's what turning 40 is all about.

These flattering hairstyles for women over 40 focus on short to medium length cuts that can take years off your face. The cuts and styles that suit women in their forties are all about adding shape and density to the hair and, at the same time, more space for versatility.

Few women have been as big a beauty inspiration as Jennifer Aniston. Take a page out of her book once more and opt for long, subtle layers with blonde highlights. Her asymmetrical bob is still long enough to style however you like. The bob is a classic and sophisticated length for any older woman. However, you can keep it youthful by adding short curls and waves.

60 Most Prominent Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Are you looking for a style that is not only aged appropriately but still majorly awesome as well? Then look no further than here, we have all the styles that you need to not only keep you stylish but make you feel years younger as well. Turning 40 is certainly an exciting time. You have now reached a new milestone so why not change up your style a bit. When you are younger, you usually choose a hairstyle based off of your own personal style, something that speaks to you. By the time you reach your forties, you already know who you are as a person. The hairstyles at this age are generally more classy and elegant but also sassy and playful. You can have great sex appeal with a contemporary hairstyle, something that says you still want to be noticed even at The sky is the limit for sexy styles that you can bring into your life. You can do anything you want at 40, and there are a number of styles that can be very flattering on you.

42 Stylish and Sexy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women Over 40

What stands behind the age of over 40? Do you need to upgrade your style as you pass a new milestone in your life? While you are young, you are normally in search of your personal style. You make mistake, often going to extremes or sticking to one mousy look for years.

A well-cut hairstyle that flatters your face shape won't just make you feel great, but it'll keep you looking young. From adding a fringe to getting a classic crop, be inspired by our favourite celebrity women over 40 - living proof you can be stylish at any age!


18 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40


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​30 Must-Try Hairstyles for Women Over 40


For years women have admired Heather Locklear's fabulous blonde lob hairstyle. Her look is done by well-placed layers and a fringe of bangs. You don't have to.








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