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Get the girl who can do both

When we write a post about a celebrity on the red carpet, it usually discusses their most spectacular looks , or, worst case scenario, their poorest, most outrageous outfits. But not when it comes to Rosario Dawson. The Sin City actress may be a natural beauty with smooth brown skin and a well-toned figure, her fashion ultra-chic and sophisticated, and her arm candy the hottest guy on planet Earth, but all this takes a back seat when she strikes one of her, shall we say unusual poses. While most celebrities use the red carpet to flaunt their exquisite fashion senses, Rosario clearly is there to simply have a good time. From happy dances to raising up the ceiling, one never knows what to expect when Dawson walks the red carpet.

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QwM: Get A Girl Who Can Do Both

While the show, having completed its 5th iteration is based in Philadelphia, they opened up submission entries to artists across the country. In addition to being a burlesque performer and instructor, I am a keynote speaker, among many other things.

So you see why I had to apply. One of their top events…. What can make or break an experience for me, as a performer is the production team and cast of a show.

While the audience mostly only sees what happens on stage, our experience as performers includes backstage and off-stage. Every single person on the team and every performer when off stage was top notch, a team player and there to support the entire endeavor.

There were no divas, no attitudes and no bullshit. Just an amazing night. Google her. I love that she has made spaces for this in the burlesque world. Her performance was completely hilarious and fun and subversive. To provide an extreme parody of society. I call this genre of political burlesque, Trumplesque.

Wild Iris is a Philly burlesque performer. I believe I heard from Honeytree that her performance that night was her third solo burlesque performance. Flirt Vonnegut was our host for the night. As he stripped down throughout the course of the show in between the acts, I saw he had garter socks on. All men should wear them. And he also wore pasties. His reason for it…if women had to do, he felt like he should wear pasties too.

I had never seen a man wear pasties before and they actually looking amazing on him. More men should wear them. Special thanks to iPI Solutions for providing security. You can watch all of our Tedx style lightening talks by clicking here. My specific talk is here. Its a playlist of them all. And stand by for DoBoth New York! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I do a lot of shit. The Cast, The Producers and The Team What can make or break an experience for me, as a performer is the production team and cast of a show.

Like this: Like Loading Dramatic Aerial Halloween Photography Next. No comment yet, add your voice below! Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

“Get Yourself a Girl Who Can do Both”

Not everyone understands the relationship that I have with the countryside. How can you shoot and hunt and still love animals? The simple fact is, I am immensely respectful of animals, their environment and their needs, in both the countryside and within veterinary medicine. I am also respectful of the countryside, its need for maintenance and managing the land.

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Get You a Man Who Can Do Both is a Twitter copypasta which often accompanies photographs and illustrations of celebrities and fictional characters appearing classy or formally dressed juxtaposed next to a pictures in which they are wearing casual attire. Within one month, the tweet gained over 15, likes and 11, retweets. On February 16th, Twitter user Chris Person Papapishu posted a screenshot of the Drake tweet next to photographs of Jeb Bush in and blazer and hoodie shown below, left. On February 18th, NY Mag [2] published an article about the Twitter meme, noting "it says a lot about the perceived dichotomy between 'class' and 'swag'.

get you a girl that can do both

Not only does she fit in with the boys, but she can hold her on in almost any situation. To other females, it might be intimidating but she just likes the stress and drama free environment that goes with hanging out with the bros. This girl can be low-key and pound a few beers when necessary, she can also funnel and shotgun like she was born at a frat house. That's what's fun about the girl that can do both, she always keeps it interesting. As women, we most definitely need our girl time. We need time to gossip, spill about what so-and-so posted on Instagram, and die over a hundred different memes that we tag one another in. On the flip side, we can definitely do the bro thing if necessary.

Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both

By Rebecca Lawrence For Mailonline. She recently shocked fans when she announced she would be putting her reality TV career on hold to resume her job as a pharmacist. And Anna Vakili made a powerful statement about breaking stereotypes on Wednesday, as she revealed she had been told her glamorous image jarred with her job as a healthcare professional. The Love Island star, 29, shared a snap in a face mask and PrettyLittleThing blazer as she returned to work alongside a shot in a busty white dress. Accompanying the image, she penned: 'Get you a girl that can do both!!

This weekend was a busy one!

While the show, having completed its 5th iteration is based in Philadelphia, they opened up submission entries to artists across the country. In addition to being a burlesque performer and instructor, I am a keynote speaker, among many other things. So you see why I had to apply.

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Girls who can do both. Sounds more like an illusion. A beautiful face can also be strong and super intelligent.

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This research examined the effect of parental leave policies and socio-economic factors on labor force participation in 29 OECD countries, with a focus on the United States, Germany, and Turkey. Through an interdisciplinary analysis of economic and feminist theory and literature, this study found mixed results. The results of regression analysis did not support the hypotheses; however, several lessons about intersectional research were revealed. Mainly, the need for comprehensive parental leave policies is not necessarily justified through purely statistical research. The complexities of human and social identity transcend quantitative analysis.

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For people who know me personally, know I'm a Disney kid. It's in my blood. It's how I was raised, shout-out to my mom! I mean I even worked at Walt Disney World for crying out loud! Sure I'm 22 going on 23 pushing little kids out of the way to see "Finding Dory," am I ashamed? Of course not. That's my childhood, so back off. I love when people make fun of anyone who's older than 16 who still like Disney.

May 9, - beautiful Rosario Dawson proving she can be just as fun and goofy as she is sexy! You know what they say—get you a girl who can do both!


These are the 20 Famous Girls Who Can Do Both


Get A Girl That Can Do Both






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