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Using a Facebook group page to collaborate with your colleagues can be good business, but if you use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with friends and relatives, you may not want business associates on your personal friends list. Fortunately, there's a way to add people to a Facebook group without first adding them to your friends list, as long as you know their email addresses. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to add to the group. Separate each email address with a comma. Click the "Invite" button.

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How to Add Non Friends to a Facebook Group

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Do you want an even better way to engage, share and communicate with your parents? A private Facebook group for your classroom is the perfect answer. They are fairly simple to setup, super easy to use on a daily basis, and what parent is not on Facebook these days? This article not only shows you how to create a Facebook Group for your classroom, it also explores the benefits of a group, critical differences and points about groups, and other topics such as using Facebook as a communication tool with your parents.

Another thing she does great at — communication. Like with any one or any brand, organization or group, communication and information is extremely valuable for building trust and likes not in the Facebook sense. What started 18 years ago as a physical newsletter every month, has turned into a cross connected digital environment including a website and a blog where the posts are automatically emailed out to her parents every week. And with the popularity of social media and Facebook, it includes a private Facebook group for each of her yearly classrooms.

We have been doing it for a few years now and she loves it. A page is more like a website — commonly used by businesses, brands and organizations. Your school may very well have a page. A group on the other hand is designed around community and can be made private, etc.

There are other apps which have been around for a while and are popular. ClassDoJo is one of them, and Shutterfly is another. ClassDoJo is alot like Facebook in how it works, how it looks and what it can do. Now there are only two: Public and Private. This can be a PIA, but when dealing with privacy, it needs to be covered. It does no good to waste all of your time and your parents time to create the group, only to go silent after the first week of school.

People wonder if your business is also left out to die. I digress. How you communicate to your class outside of Faebook is important. Not every parent will be in the facebook group. And also, the FB group is more social in nature. Therefore, it should not be used as the only or official mode of communication. For example:. Here is the nitty gritty. There are a few critical steps, especially around privacy controls. NOTE: the screenshots and process where captured in August of I know for a fact that Facebook and others are constantly changing their methods and procedures.

Generally speaking, however, the overall concepts have remained unchanged. When my wife started creating groups early on, she was worried that she would be getting friend requests from all of her parents so we first created a Facebook Page for her and her classroom A facebook page is like a public entity, and can be managed by multiple people. And those people are not shown to the world. For example, do you see or know the person who runs the Starbucks or Nike pages?

We then created the group owned by the page. That way, parents could never see or get to my wife personal profile and ask her to be their friends. I think in the last 2 years since doing this, she has never gotten a friend request from a parent she has not truly been friends with.

Technically, this is a violation of Facebook guidelines and should be avoided otherwise you risk getting kicked off. Create a name for your group. Add some people — you do not have to add anyone at this stage, but you can. Or maybe you want your fellow teachers to be in, or maybe an administrator or principal so they can be involved as well.

At the end of the day, this is optional. Click the upload photo button. I recommend a picture of your classroom, minus kids. Or the school. Keep it personalized to your actual classroom, but not you. I guess it could be a selfie of you with your classroom in the background. There are a few important settings to adjust before proceeding. I will only comment on the ones I feel should be changed or at least confirmed.

Add a description. Keep it vague but communicate what is is. You are more than welcome to use ours. This is a group for creating community, sharing pictures, reminders and information.

It will NOT replace our official modes of communication, but may supplement it. Membership Approval — This controls who else can approve or invite members. Posting Permissions — You want this group to be social, right? Web Address — I highly recommend setting a web address. Similar to the name, I recommend using a standardized approach. Remember, one of the good benefits of a secret group is that people cannot find or access the group at all.

But remember, you are not friends with most if not all of your parents. The only way was to be invited by email. Therefore, you must collect all of the facebook email addresses from your parents. Click in the invite members box and enter in their email addresses. You can enter multiple at a time, just separate by commas. You never know when you might need that comma separated list again, plus if anything goes wrong with the entry, you can easily do it over again.

In my testing, I found that if you are friends with someone you invited, they will also receive notifications in their facebook account the bell upper right, and a pop-up lower left.

You may also see the invite in your regular wall feed. This will not be the case for the majority of your parents — who are invited by email only.

The recipients will receive an email notification. Even after clicking on the email, they then have to take one more step in Accepting into the group. So be patient! You might discuss it early on in open house or orientation. Though you could make the argument that the other admin could continue running the group.

There are other areas in your group that you can customize such as the color and other aspects. Spend some time learning how groups work. Facebook actually has a lot of help articles on using groups. Once up and running and have a group full of engaged parents, have fun with it!

Thanks for your explanation and tutorial. A couple of questions though:. Would I link my personal page to my newly-formed group?

Hi Kyle. A group can be managed by a Page or a Person individual profile. Can I submit email address parents have already given me for communication purposes, or does it have to be a FB email address. Hi Dede. The email addresses used to invite them to the page must be their Facebook email address. If you do not have it, you should email them as you normally would and ask them to provide you with their FB address.

Hi, thanks for your helpful article. I am creating an FB group during these uncertain times of school closures. Hi Lindsey. Thank you for visiting. Facebook made some changes recently and I have not updated my article yet. I will do that soon. There are only 2 settings now: Public and Private. You will want to select Private as that is the same as what Secret used to mean. You can learn more here. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

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How to see all Facebook friend requests you’ve ever sent – and find out who blanked you

I am on Facebook with a fake name. I call it my pen name. I use it to promote my writing and to make friends with fellow writers. I meet them through groups and once I have seen their names pop up several times, I friend them.

Facebook is a social network service website launched on February 4, by Mark Zuckerberg. The following is a list of software and technology features that can be found on the Facebook website and mobile app and are available to users of the social media site. The news feed is the primary system through which users are exposed to content posted on the network.

Facebook Groups are gaining in popularity, and not just among users. Changes made this year to the almighty news feed algorithm have given priority to groups over pages, prompting brands to shift their strategy to include groups. Groups are hubs of engagement. More than 1.

How to Use Facebook Groups Member Request Settings

IT'S easy to forget about Facebook friend requests you sent years ago — but there's an easy way to check. That way you can tell who blanked your request and find out who's been dodging your friendship. If you've sent friend requests and they've been accepted, that person will be in your friends list. But Facebook also keeps track of all the friend requests you've sent out that have yet to OK'd. It's possible your would-be pal hasn't seen your request, but it's also likely that simply ignored it too. The easiest way is to use the following link, which should take you directly to your sent Facebook friend requests:. On the desktop page i. Then at the top of the page, you should see a link to View Sent Requests — just below the title of the page. Click that and you'll see a list of all the people you've sent friend requests to that still haven't been accepted.

The No-Friends Facebook Strategy

We stumbled over a great new feature for Groups recently that anyone who administers a large Group will be delighted to see. Most Groups tend to be Closed meaning that prospective members have to apply to join. For large Groups that attract multiple applications a day sorting and vetting these applications can be an onerous task? Because, unlike on Facebook Pages, member posts in Groups get the same visibility as posts by Admins, Groups are hunting grounds for spammers, trolls and other undesirables. Some Groups deal with this by vetting all posts before they go public, but that kind of sends the wrong message to your genuine members about their value, and the trust you have in them in your carefully facilitated community.

So I kept this strategy up for several months and it was a breath of fresh air.

Do you want an even better way to engage, share and communicate with your parents? A private Facebook group for your classroom is the perfect answer. They are fairly simple to setup, super easy to use on a daily basis, and what parent is not on Facebook these days?

Dear Stranger Who Just Accepted My Friend Request On Facebook

It would be cool to create something like this myself. I was in that position myself a few years ago. I was part of a massive Facebook group with tons of interaction, valuable discussion, and engaged members.

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All Facebook users are allowed to create groups, which facilitate communication and sharing with small sectors of the Facebook population. The group's creator chooses the privacy level of the group: either open, closed or secret. The closed privacy setting makes it possible for nonmembers to find the group in Facebook search and see the member list, but the group page's content is hidden. The process for adding a group member is the same for all privacy levels; all group members can add anyone from his friend list as a group member. Sign in to Facebook and click on the name of your group in the left column of your homepage.

How to Create an 11,284-Member Facebook Group When You Have No Followers

Social Media. Facebook friend requests are delicate. Inappropriate attempts to expand your network could get you blocked from adding more Facebook friends. On Facebook, innocent mistakes and ignorance of essential Facebook etiquette can lead to drastic consequences. But with our tips on how to manage Facebook friend requests, you can avoid facing unintentional punishment or lift an existing block and continue making many new friends. Here is a little refresher on the basics of adding friends for those of you not too familiar with Facebook. Everyone else, please skip ahead. When logged into Facebook, you can see your pending friend requests via the Friends icon in the top right.

I was part of a massive Facebook group with tons of interaction, valuable discussion, and For other groups — and this is what I recommend — your join request must be You have to add at least one friend to your group in order to create it.

After Facebook sign up , you can add new friends to your profile: either people you already know, who are Facebook members, or people you come across on Facebook and have similar interests. In this tutorial, we will show you how to request a friendship and add a friend, or " send a friend suggestion " as many call it; the next tutorial explains how to " unrequest " a friendship cancel a sent friend request. You will also learn what happens when you try to add a friend when we go over accepting or rejecting friend requests.

List of Facebook features

Do you know how to use Member Request Settings to manage your new members approval for your Facebook Groups? You can learn how to in this article. Then click the setting button.

Teachers! How To Create a Private School Facebook Group

There are three types of relationship between two people on Facebook. For a quick summary, the three types of relationship between two entities on Facebook are the friendship, the follow, and the fan. Friendships take place between two personal profiles.

While Facebook has become a popular social media tool to connect with people, there are times when you send out friend requests by accident. Fortunately, you can easily cancel friend requests before individuals accept or reject your requests.


Add friends on Facebook (Send friend request to other members)


How to cancel a friend request on Facebook using a computer or mobile device


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